Sharesight's top 10 investing blogs of 2023

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Jan 18th 2024

While 2023 was a challenging year for markets, savvy investors safeguarded their portfolios by keeping track of their performance and staying informed on the latest market trends and investing tips. As we head into 2024, now is the perfect time to look back on some of the most popular blogs we published in 2023, from a compilation of the world’s best investing blogs and podcasts, to investing explainers, our users’ favourite brokers and more.

Sharesight top investing blogs 2023

Here are some of Sharesight’s top blogs of 2023:

1. Top 50 finance and investing blogs in 2023

Check out this list created by the Sharesight team, covering the 50 best personal finance and investment blogs from around the world. The list includes the top content from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, South Africa, Singapore and Switzerland.

2. Top 50 finance and investing podcasts in 2023

The Sharesight team has compiled a list of the top 50 podcasts worldwide discussing investing, personal finance, business and economic news. There is a podcast for everyone in this list, with content from Australia, New Zealand, the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and Singapore.

3. Top brokers Aussies use to invest in stocks and ETFs

We take a look at the most popular brokers among Sharesight users in FY22/23. Categories include the most popular broker (overall) and the most popular broker for ETFs, as well as the most frequently traded ETFs.

4. What is debt recycling and how does it work?

Debt recycling is a process that can potentially make you more money by turning non-deductible debt into deductible debt. How does it work? Keep reading for a more in-depth explanation of this strategy, including examples of how it works in practice.

5. See what’s inside your ETFs with Sharesight’s exposure report

Get the full picture of your portfolio’s composition with the exposure report. The report shows your portfolio’s exposure to different industries, investment types and sectors by listing your direct stock holdings alongside any stocks held within exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Keep reading to learn more.

6. How to teach your kids about investing

Teaching kids about investing is a great way to develop their financial literacy and set them up for financial success later in life. This blog discusses simple ways to explain investing to your kids, plus hands-on strategies to give them safe and practical investing experience.

7. What is a dividend aristocrat?

Dividend aristocrats are S&P 500 companies that consistently pay a dividend to shareholders and have raised the size of this annual payout over time. Generally, a stock is considered a dividend aristocrat if it increases its dividend reliably and consistently for at least 25 years. Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons, plus some examples of stocks that qualify as dividend aristocrats.

8. Automatically track your Tiger Brokers trades with Sharesight

Sharesight and Tiger Brokers have partnered to make it even easier for Australian and New Zealand investors to track their investments in Sharesight. Keep reading to learn more about how to connect your Tiger account to Sharesight, plus the benefits of tracking your Tiger trades in a Sharesight portfolio.

9. Key takeaways from the ASX Australian Investor Study 2023

This blog discusses key findings of the 2023 Australian Investor Study, including changing demographics, diversification and attitudes to risk, the most popular asset classes, the uptake of ESG and attitudes towards financial advice.

10. Top countries and brokers Aussies use to invest in global markets

Looking at data from FY22/23, we delve into Sharesight users’ favourite global markets and stocks, plus the most popular brokers for international trades.

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