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Sharesight's top 10 investing blogs of 2022

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Jan 23rd 2023

The past year has been an eventful one for investors worldwide, marked by widespread market volatility and a general shift away from high-risk investments towards more "inflation-proof" stocks. As we head into 2023, now is the perfect time to revisit some of the most popular investing blogs published by Sharesight in 2022, with everything from tax guides for Australian investors to the world’s top 50 investing blogs and explainer articles on dividends and DRPs.

Top blogs of 2022

Here are some of Sharesight’s top blogs of 2022:

1. Capital gains tax (CGT) calculator for Australian investors

Taxing capital gains on investments is a common practice throughout the world, but Australia’s capital gains regulations are some of the most complex. This blog explains some of the tax implications of Australia’s capital gains tax (CGT) and how investors can use Sharesight’s capital gains tax report as a CGT calculator.

2. Tax loss selling for Australian investors

A tax loss selling (tax loss harvesting) strategy can offset some of the capital gains you incurred during the year. This blog explains how tax loss selling works and how Australian investors can model their tax loss selling opportunities with Sharesight’s unrealised capital gains tax report.

3. Top 50 finance and investing blogs in 2022

Check out this list created by the Sharesight team, showcasing (in no particular order) the 50 best personal finance and investment blogs from around the world.

4. What is an ex-dividend date?

The ex-dividend date is one of the four key dates you need to be aware of as a dividend investor, along with the announcement date, record date and payment date. This blog explains how the ex-dividend date works and how it compares to the other key dividend dates.

5. Get a fresh view on your investments in 2022

Whether you’re looking to refresh your investing strategy, set new goals or explore new ways to become a better investor, Sharesight has you covered. In this blog, we share three tips and tricks to get increased visibility into your portfolio’s returns while also saving time and money managing your investments.

6. The pros and cons of dividend reinvestment plans

If you invest in a dividend-paying stock, you may be given the option to establish a dividend reinvestment plan (also known as a DRIP or DRP). While automatically reinvesting dividends can be a convenient way to grow your portfolio, there are several factors to keep in mind before deciding to partake in a DRP. This blog covers the pros and cons of DRPs, plus the potential tax implications.

7. Calculating taxable gains on share trading in New Zealand

New Zealand’s proposed general capital gains tax (CGT) regime was abandoned by the government in 2019 after much debate. However, did you know that a tax on gains already applies to some investors in New Zealand? In this blog, we break down who New Zealand’s capital gains tax currently applies to, and how to calculate losses/gains on share trading activity using Sharesight for tax purposes.

8. Taxable income report for Australian investors

A must-have for Australian investors filing their tax return, Sharesight’s taxable income report allows investors to see all of their taxable investment income in one place. In this blog, we cover everything from checking and recording your AMIT components to how investors can securely share their tax information with their accountant.

9. How to get the best Sharesight experience on mobile

Superior to the retired Sharesight Reader app, our mobile web experience gives investors the full Sharesight experience on their phone or tablet. It’s easy to add Sharesight to your mobile device – just like an app – simply follow the instructions in this blog.

10. 5 ways Sharesight helps Australian investors at tax time

Sharesight’s Australian tax features not only help investors complete their tax return, but can also help save time and money at tax time. Check out this blog for a summary of all Sharesight’s reports and features designed to help Australian investors at tax time, plus a Q&A video where Sharesight and PwC answer Australian tax questions.

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