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Cloud Superheroes - Featured

Meet the Cloud Superheroes

by Scott Ryburn | Mar 14th 2013

Learn how cloud services are transforming the lives of accountants and bookkeepers everywhere, meet the Cloud Superheroes!

featured - CMC + Sharesight

Sharesight teams up with CMC Markets Stockbroking

by Tony Ryburn | Jan 19th 2012

CMC Markets Stockbroking clients can link their online broking account to a Sharesight portfolio and have all trading transactions automatically recorded.

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Sharesight - now your FREE Online Portfolio Manager

by Scott Ryburn | Dec 5th 2011

Sharesight is now your FREE Online Portfolio Manager - meaning investors may now track up to 10 holdings for FREE for life!

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Sharesight – making the most of the cloud

by Scott Ryburn | Nov 24th 2011

This article was originally posted on NZTE's E-business Guide under case-studies: Sharesight: Making the most of the cloud.

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Big Brother is watching and acting

by Andrew Bird | Aug 11th 2011

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) warned this week that more than 40,000 suspect tax returns for FY11 have already been flagged by its computer system.

Sharesight Hero - featured (1200x630)

Sharesight appoints Andrew Bird as Aus Exec Director

by Scott Ryburn | Jun 1st 2011

We have appointed former Morningstar Australia CEO Andrew Bird as Sharesight’s new Executive Director. He will also manage Sharesight’s Australian operations.

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Upcoming events

by Scott Ryburn | Oct 22nd 2010

We will be attending some great events in Sydney and Melbourne next week: the Trading and Investing Expo, as well as the Xero Online Solutions Roadshow.

featured - Sharesight + Direct Broking

Sharesight has partnered with Direct Broking

by Scott Ryburn | Sep 22nd 2010

Investors can automatically record Direct Broking trades in Sharesight, eliminating the need to manually record trade data each time they buy & sell shares.

Sharesight Hero - featured (1200x630)

RewardSuper and Sharesight

by Scott Ryburn | Mar 16th 2010

We've been working with RewardSuper to enable Sharesight clients to have their share portfolios automatically updated when they buy and sell shares.

James Sullivan - featured

My Summer of Code

by James Sullivan | Mar 15th 2010

James Sullivan joined the Sharesight team as the Wellington Summer of Code intern - here's what he got up to while working with us.

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Remember me function improved

by Scott Ryburn | Oct 29th 2009

We've improved the functionality of our "remember me" feature - here are some tips on using this handy time-saving feature.

Sharesight + Xero - Featured

Sharesight is a certified Xero network partner

by Scott Ryburn | Aug 11th 2009

Sharesight has become a certified Xero network partner in order to provide a seamless solution between portfolio management and portfolio accounting.