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Sharesight - now your FREE Online Portfolio Manager

by Scott Ryburn, CTO, Sharesight | Dec 5th 2011

At Sharesight we recognise that many share market investors lose out because they cannot justify the cost of a professional portfolio management tool like Sharesight until their share portfolios grow. We also believe that all investors deserve to have access to a good record-keeping system and have accurate information about the performance of their share investments to help them make well-informed investment decisions. So at Sharesight we have decided to give all sharemarket investors a fair go and offer Sharesight for free to anyone who has 10 or fewer shareholdings.

There are no hidden catches with this offer -- free means free! And what’s more, Sharesight has added functionality. Sharesight Free offers much more than our previous Starter plan which cost $5 per month and was restricted to only 5 shareholdings.

Sharesight FREE Online Portfolio Manager includes access to a range of great functionality previously only to our premium plan customers, including:

And you also get access to our new Trade Confirmation Emails processing service which allows you to have all your buy and sell trades automatically recorded in your Sharesight portfolio for you.

As share portfolios grow, the administrative burden of maintaining a share portfolio -- the record keeping, compiling tax returns and accounting information -- becomes a serious problem and so automating these tasks in one of Sharesight’s premium plans is unbeatable value for money. For larger portfolios, calculating the true, annualised return on shares (individually and on the total portfolio) becomes an even more daunting task without Sharesight -- and you need this information to make well-informed investment decisions.

For more information, view the full details of our new pricing plans.