Take control of your finances by connecting Sharesight and Otivo

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Mar 30th 2022

Sharesight is pleased to announce that Otivo has integrated with the Sharesight API, creating a superior solution that empowers investors to take control of their finances. By connecting Sharesight and Otivo, investors can now keep track of all their financial accounts (including their investment portfolio) in one place. By using Otivo, investors can also receive personalised financial advice tailored directly to them. To learn more about Otivo and how investors can benefit from connecting Sharesight and Otivo, keep reading.

Connect Sharesight and Otivo

Who is Otivo?

Otivo is a financial advice app that helps thousands of Aussies become better off by sharing personalised tips to fast-track their savings, get rid of their debt, pump up their super (so they can retire in style) and sort out their insurance. And because it’s all online, everything is updated automatically – no strings attached.

track finances with Otivo

Why has Otivo connected to Sharesight?

For Otivo, the partnership with Sharesight is all about creating a complete solution for investors. This means investors’ Sharesight portfolio data will be automatically aggregated in Otivo, ensuring the advice they receive is always up to date.

"Connecting your share trading accounts keeps everything nicely up-to-date in Otivo. It also means Otivo can make better recommendations," says Nathan Isterling, Chief Technology Officer at Otivo.

"Manually entering my share positions can be hard work. But connecting them with Sharesight is easy and ensures my advice is always correct."

Why investors should connect Sharesight and Otivo

By connecting Sharesight and Otivo, investors will benefit from the ability to track all of their financial accounts and assets in Otivo. An improved ability to forecast cash flow – while receiving personalised money-saving recommendations – also makes it easier than ever for investors to reach their financial goals.

"The partnership between Sharesight and Otivo is great for investors looking for a combination of performance data and personalised advice on their portfolio," says Sharesight CEO, Doug Morris.

"Investors’ portfolio performance data is pulled into Otivo, including dividends, capital gains and total portfolio value. The ability to see this data at a glance, alongside the rest of their financial assets, makes Otivo a one-stop-shop for investors who want to see the full picture of their finances. Those who are interested in more in-depth performance (and tax) reporting for their investments will also be able to access these insights and reporting tools in Sharesight."

How to connect Sharesight and Otivo

Users can sign up to Sharesight from within the Otivo site (iOS app coming soon) or connect their existing Sharesight account if they already have one. To establish the connection, Sharesight users will need to click ‘Invest + Retire’ at the top of their Otivo dashboard, click ‘Cash & Fixed’ assets and select Sharesight. Users will see a prompt to ‘Get started for free’, which will take them to the Sharesight login page where they can sign into an existing account or sign up for a free account.

For more detailed instructions on how to connect Sharesight and Otivo, see our help video below:

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Get started with Otivo (and Sharesight) today

If you’re not already using Otivo, sign up for an Otivo account today to get real-time personalised financial advice on how to manage your debt, savings, retirement, insurance and investments.

Or if you’re an Otivo user looking to get started with Sharesight, sign up for a free Sharesight account to access Sharesight’s award-winning performance, dividend tracking and tax reporting features.


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