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ETF managed fund tax australia
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ETF and managed fund tax improvements for Australians

by David Olsen | Oct 7th 2018

Sharesight has a new solution to help you record the tax components of trusts such as managed funds and ETFs correctly for your Australian tax return.

Australian fintech open banking

Sharesight at Saxo Fintech Agility Conference 2018

by David Olsen | Oct 4th 2018

Sharesight CEO Doug Morris was invited to sit on the panel discussion on ‘Open Banking in Australia’ at the ‘Saxo Fintech Agility Conference 2018.

Sharesight Macrovue Event Doug

Sharesight + Macrovue event: investing in the global economy

by Angela Thompson | Sep 27th 2018

The teams from Sharesight and Macrovue joined forces in Sydney for a special “lunch & learn” event to dicuss their views on "investing in the global economy".

featured - myprosperity + Sharesight
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Sharesight + myprosperity webinar

by Josh Rodrigues | Sep 26th 2018

Sharesight joined forces with our newest integration partner, myprosperity, to present our first joint webinar on the 21st century financial experience.

Top20 ASX (37)
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Sharesight20 top 20 trades on ASX & NZX - September 2018

by David Olsen | Sep 26th 2018

Welcome to the September 2018 edition of the Sharesight20 monthly trading snapshot, where we look at the top 20 trades on both the ASX and NZX markets.

featured sharesight-2018-stock-picking-competition-01
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2018 Stock Picking Competition September Update

by David Olsen | Sep 25th 2018

We’re approaching the three quarter point in our 2018 stock picking competition. So nine months in, what stocks are in the lead? And what stocks have tanked?

Investment Diversification benefits
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Investment diversification: Why does it matter?

by Prashant Mohan | Sep 24th 2018

The popular saying goes “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. This is true of investment diversification as is true of everything else in life.

Attribution Managed Investment Trust AMIT Tax
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Attribution Managed Investment Trust tax calculations

by David Olsen | Sep 19th 2018

Australian investors face some new & potentially complex tasks when completing their 2018 ATO Tax Return, particularly if they earn income from managed trusts.

Sharesight performance report

Rebuilding the Performance Report in React

by Kylor Hall | Sep 9th 2018

For the past year at Sharesight we’ve put a lot of work into the user experience and modernisation, with a very popular JavaScript library called React.

Most traded ASX shares August 2018
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Sharesight20 top 20 trades on ASX & NZX - August 2018

by David Olsen | Aug 29th 2018

We look at the top 20 trades on both the ASX and NZX markets among Sharesight users during August, and dig a little deeper into the news behind these trades.

Josh Rodrigues Prashant Mohan Sharesight

Sharesight at the BDO National Business Services Conference

by Josh Rodrigues | Aug 23rd 2018

Sharesight recently had the privilege of attending and sponsoring the 2018 BDO National Business Services Conference on the Gold Coast.

featured - improved canadian portfolio benchmarking
Product features

Improved Canadian portfolio benchmarking

by David Olsen | Aug 21st 2018

Canadian investors, if you haven’t used Sharesight’s benchmarking feature, now’s the time to try it, as we’ve made it even better.