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Sharesight's 10 year fintech journey

by David Olsen | Aug 31st 2017

September 3rd 2017 is Sharesight's 10th birthday. Let's recap the last 10 years of our fintech journey with details of every amazing feature and milestone.


Investors need to break these 3 bad habits once and for all

by Doug Morris | Aug 17th 2017

Investors and finance professionals need to break these 3 bad habits when it comes to managing their investment portfolio.

Featured Investment Watchlist

Stop using investment watchlists to track your portfolio

by Doug Morris | Aug 10th 2017

It's not the 1990s anymore, it’s time to stop using an investment watchlist to track shares in your investment portfolio.

featured unbundled-smsf

SMSF unbundling — how much can it save you in 2017?

by David Olsen | Aug 8th 2017

Let’s see how much an SMSF trustee with a $500,000 portfolio can save by unbundling their self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) solution.

Featured Livewire Live 2017

Livewire Live 2017 — Free Digital Pass offer

by David Olsen | Aug 4th 2017

Sharesight partner Livewire is giving the first 50 Sharesight users to sign up a 100% discount on their Livewire Live 2017 Digital Pass.

featured - nzsa conference 2017

Get more out of share investing at the 2017 NZSA conference

by Doug Morris | Jul 27th 2017

For several years Sharesight has partnered with the New Zealand Shareholders Association, who are holding their annual Investor Conference and AGM August 19.

featured fintech-australia-ecosystem-map-2017

Why you should partner with Sharesight

by David Olsen | Jul 25th 2017

Let's dive into what makes collaboration in the fintech ecosystem so important to Sharesight, and why we believe it benefits both our customers and partners.

Featured CompanyMerger

Announcing the Merge Holding feature

by Angela Thompson | Jul 24th 2017

Mergers or takeovers often result in manual portfolio admin for investors. Sharesight's new Merge Holding feature makes merger admin easy.

featured - chess + coins

2017 stock picking competition — July update

by Doug Morris | Jul 21st 2017

We’re at the halfway point of our stock picking competition. See who's in the lead so far: Sharesight customers, Livewire readers, or the Fund Managers.


Top 3 Australian investor trends in 2017

by David Olsen | Jul 18th 2017

Sharesight has reviewed the 2017 ASX’s Australian Share Ownership Study and identified three key trends that have emerged in the last 5 years.

featured afterpay-touchcorp

How to handle the Afterpay and Touchcorp merger

by Josh Rodrigues | Jul 12th 2017

Step by step instructions on how to handle the ASX listed Afterpay (AFY) and Touchcorp (TCH) merger in your Sharesight investment portfolio(s).

Featured Smashed avo1

Millennial investors smash avocado myth in ASX report

by David Olsen | Jul 11th 2017

The ASX has revealed millennial investor numbers in Australia have almost doubled over the last 5 years, busting the myth they are imprudent investors.