Sharesight + Macrovue event: investing in the global economy

by Angela Thompson, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Sharesight | Sep 27th 2018

Today the teams from Sharesight and Macrovue joined forces in Sydney for a special “lunch & learn” event. Over lunch, investors heard Sharesight CEO Doug Morris and Macrovue co-CEO Dev Sinha share their thoughts on a topic they’re both passionate about: investing in the global economy.

Financial experiences for the contemporary investor

Sharesight CEO Doug Morris’ presentation focused on the financial experiences of the contemporary investor. After outlining the traditional investing landscape, he briefly shared the “Sharesight Story” and explained how Sharesight is a “portfolio passport” that fills data gaps and provides investment insights previously unavailable to retail investors.

Sharesight Macrovue Event Doug

Caption: Doug Morris -- CEO, Sharesight

Doug also shared some insights from the Sharesight userbase, first highlighting the increasing popularity of ETFs among SMSF portfolio holders:

chart - sharesight smsf holdings

With the “rise of the ETFs” making headlines seemingly everyday, this data point is hardly a surprise. Still, it is interesting to see just how popular ETFs have become with Sharesight SMSF portfolio-holders over the past decade.

Another interesting insight Doug shared has to do with global diversification of SMSF portfolios tracked in Sharesight:

chart - sharesight smsf global diversity

Australian investors are often criticised for not globally diversifying their portfolios (an alarming fact considering the ASX only makes up about 2% of the global sharemarket). Yet as the chart shows, investors using Sharesight to track their SMSF portfolios are increasingly looking to diversify overseas, with 20% of their holdings now domiciled outside australia (ROW = rest of world).

Macrovue co-CEO Dev Sinha spoke on emerging investment trends and opportunities, and specifically on global water scarcity and disruptive technologies. The massive growth of (and dependence on) tech is no surprise, but Dev’s points on water scarcity were particularly eye-opening:

  • < 3% of water is currently recycled globally
  • 70% of global water is used for agriculture
  • 15% of the world’s water withdrawals was used for energy production in 2010

These stats highlight a huge opportunity for the water industry, and the important research Macrovue does to help identify the companies who are solving these problems globally.

Sharesight Macrovue Dev Caption: Dev Sinha -- Co-CEO, Macrovue

The presentations were followed by live demos of both products/services, and a Q&A session.

From there, Sharesight and Macrovue customers mingled with each other, and with each companies’ staff in an informal networking session:

Sharesight Macrovue Event Caption: Macrovue + Sharesight customers networking with Dev and Doug

Sharesight + Macrovue

Macrovue has been a Sharesight Partner since 2016, when they began using the Sharesight API to provide enhanced performance and tax reporting within their next-generation investment platform. Macrovue provides fast and easy access to more than 20,000 shares and ETFs across 23 global exchanges (including the ASX). Additionally, Macrovue offers professionally constructed share portfolios (called Vues) that take the complexity out of international investing.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to the Macrovue team for co-hosting our inaugural lunch & learn, and to everyone who attended the event. For those of you in other cities, or who could not make it out, stay tuned to your inbox for future events in your area!


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