Sharesight has partnered with Direct Broking

by Scott Ryburn, CTO, Sharesight

We are delighted to announce that Sharesight has partnered with Direct Broking Limited so you can choose to have share trading data automatically recorded in Sharesight.

Located in Wellington, Direct Broking is a wholly owned subsidiary of ANZ National Bank (New Zealand’s largest financial group) and is a leading online share broker in New Zealand. They provide an efficient, easy and affordable DIY share and bond trading service to thousands of investors in New Zealand. And they provide access, by phone or internet, to share markets in New Zealand, Australia and the US and UK.

featured - Sharesight + Direct Broking

Once the connection is set up, any trades placed via Direct Broking will automatically be recorded into your Sharesight portfolio. This eliminates the need to have to manually record your trade data into Sharesight each time you buy and sell shares!

If you are a Direct Broking customer you can click here to log in to your Direct Broking account and follow the simple online process to connect your Direct Broking account to a Sharesight portfolio. If you are not already a Sharesight customer you will be able to subscribe to Sharesight as part of this process.

If you are not a Direct Broking client and don’t want to miss out on these benefits, click here to request a Direct Broking application pack.


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