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Announcing a new partner — Bank of Queensland

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight | Jun 10th 2016

We're excited to announce Bank of Queensland is now offering their clients access to Sharesight. Bank of Queensland's unique owner-branch model is well suited to our values at Sharesight. BOQ serves the communities they operate in, just as we like to serve investors.

Bank of Queensland + Sharesight

Investors using BOQ Trading can link to Sharesight for performance tracking, tax reporting, and our award-winning connection to Xero. Portfolio histories, including past buys and sells, dividends, DRPs, and corporate actions are all available on Sharesight in just a few clicks. Ongoing trades are automatically recorded as well. It's easy to import portfolios from other brokers for a total wealth perspective.

hero - sharesight + boq

Bank of Queensland offers their clients low-cost brokerage rates, market leading research, charting, mFunds, and analytical tools for active traders. And with the addition of Sharesight, all investors -- those with a few shares and those running an SMSF -- will benefit from an easy-to-use, but powerful portfolio platform that connects to a growing ecosystem of investor-friendly applications. We focus on making it easy for investors to gain an accurate picture of their portfolio’s performance and to end the reliance of spreadsheets and manual efforts. Welcome Bank of Queensland clients!