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import-hatch-invest-trades-to-sharesight (1)
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Easily import Hatch trades to Sharesight

by David Olsen | Oct 21st 2018

We’ve worked with New Zealand broker Hatch to make it easy to import trade details into Sharesight -- simply by using our Trade Confirmation Emails feature

ETF managed fund tax australia
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ETF and managed fund tax improvements for Australians

by David Olsen | Oct 7th 2018

Sharesight has a new solution to help you record the tax components of trusts such as managed funds and ETFs correctly for your Australian tax return.

Attribution Managed Investment Trust AMIT Tax
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Attribution Managed Investment Trust tax calculations

by David Olsen | Sep 19th 2018

Australian investors face some new & potentially complex tasks when completing their 2018 ATO Tax Return, particularly if they earn income from managed trusts.

featured - improved canadian portfolio benchmarking
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Improved Canadian portfolio benchmarking

by David Olsen | Aug 21st 2018

Canadian investors, if you haven’t used Sharesight’s benchmarking feature, now’s the time to try it, as we’ve made it even better.

featured - improved LIC capital gain reporting
Product features

Improved LIC capital gain reporting for Australian investors

by David Olsen | Aug 7th 2018

Just in time for FY2017/2018 tax returns we’ve added a helpful new feature to Sharesight to assist Australian investors in Listed Investment Companies (LICs).

featured - myprosperity + Sharesight
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Sharesight data now available in myprosperity

by Angela Thompson | Jul 26th 2018

myprosperity has partnered with Sharesight to offer their clients the ability to view their investment data within the myprosperity wealth portal.

featured - ETF tax admin
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How Sharesight makes ETF tax admin easy

by David Olsen | Jun 25th 2018

We’ve made significant improvements in how Sharesight handles the data underpinning ETF income distributions and how we report these for Australian investors.

featured - Sharesight CGT Report AU
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How to calculate your 2017-2018 capital gains tax

by Angela Thompson | Jun 15th 2018

Forget your spreadsheet. The best way to calculate your investment portfolio’s CGT obligations is to use Sharesight’s Capital Gains Tax Report.

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5 ways to get the portfolio insights you need

by Angela Thompson | Jun 12th 2018

These Sharesight features allow you to easily analyse your portfolio so you can make informed decisions in the year ahead.

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Offset your capital gains by tax loss selling

by Angela Thompson | Jun 12th 2018

It's useful to routinely review your portfolio and decide whether you should leverage a tax loss selling strategy to help offset any capital gains.

featured - Track fractional shares
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Track fractional shares with Sharesight

by David Olsen | May 16th 2018

Today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added fractional share support across those markets that permit trading in fractional quantities.

featured - 4 reasons to stop relying on your broker’s performance reports
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4 reasons to stop relying on your broker’s performance reports

by Angela Thompson | Apr 23rd 2018

When you login to your broker to check your portfolio performance, do you know what those numbers really mean, and more importantly, what’s missing?