Sharesight hits 100,000 users!

by David Olsen, Senior Marketing Manager — Content/SEO, Sharesight | Aug 27th 2019

Having largely grown through word of mouth from our loyal Sharesight users, we’re excited to announce we’ve hit the 100,000 users milestone!

Sharesight was founded just 12 years ago with a simple premise: to make tracking the true performance of your investments easier. I asked Sharesight co-founder and CTO Scott Ryburn about the journey to 100,000:

"Having co-founded Sharesight with my father Tony 12 years ago, it really validates the work the Sharesight team have put in to solve the problem of tracking your investment performance. Seeing that so many users have encountered the same problem, and see Sharesight as the solution to it means we’re achieving what we set out to do."

Now that we’ve hit the 100,000 user milestone, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to reveal some of the other numbers behind Sharesight, and what users are doing with the platform. Let’s dive deeper.

Sharesight by the numbers


A new trade is added to Sharesight every 58 seconds

Whether it be via Sharesight’s API, imported with a CSV file, a broker Trade Confirmation Email, or manually added, Sharesight users add on average a new trade every 58 seconds.

Sharesight users are tracking over a million holdings

Sharesight is currently tracking over a million individual holdings (1,280,520 to be precise), with the average Sharesight Investor plan user tracking 69 different investment holdings and Expert plan users tracking an average of 124.

At the individual portfolio level, users have recorded 89 trades on average.

Investors in over 90 countries track their investments with Sharesight

While the majority of Sharesight’s 100,000 users are in Australia and New Zealand, investors from over 90 countries around the globe currently use Sharesight to track their investments. As we grow globally, we’ll expand our region-specific features. One example is the launch of Sharesight in Canada, which has brought our Canadian Capital Gains Tax report, support for RRSP, RRIF and TFSA portfolios, as well as a growing list of Canadian brokers.

Here’s to the next 100,000

The Sharesight team thanks all our loyal users, professional clients and Sharesight Partners for getting us to this important milestone.

If you don’t yet use Sharesight, become one of the next 100,000 Sharesight users by signing up for a free account today!

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