Sharesight now has an Amazon Alexa Skill

by David Olsen, Senior Marketing Manager — Content/SEO, Sharesight | Feb 13th 2018

For anyone with an Amazon Echo, you can now ask Alexa how your shares are doing by adding the Sharesight Alexa Skill.

The team at Sharesight love technology, so we were excited to hear from a developer who wanted to build an Alexa Skill using the Sharesight API to allow investors to check their investment portfolio performance using Amazon Alexa voice commands.

If you own an Amazon Alexa device (such as the Echo or Echo Dot) -- it’s easy to add the skill to your device and connect your Sharesight account.

featured - Sharesight Amazon Alexa Skill

How to use the Sharesight Alexa Skill

To get started, you’ll need a Sharesight account (sign up for free) and to have added holdings to your portfolio. It goes without saying that you’ll also need an Amazon Alexa device.

You’ll need to visit Amazon’s Sharesight Alexa Skill page to ‘enable’ the Skill, or alternatively you can find the Skill by searching in the Alexa app for Sharesight.

When you ‘enable’ the Skill, you will be asked to link Alexa to your Sharesight account using the Sharesight API (you can revoke this access at any time from the "Account Settings" page). Once linked, you can interact with with Alexa to check your Sharesight portfolio.

Client: “Alexa, ask Sharesight how my portfolio is doing”
Alexa’s response “Portfolio X has a total gain of $2390 or 3.25%. Its current value is $191,456.”

The Sharesight Skill has been registered to work in all of the English-speaking markets in which Amazon sells Alexa products (Currently English -- AU, CA, GB, IN, US). Other languages may be added in the future.

Sharesight Alexa Skill FAQ

Who developed the Sharesight Alexa Skill?

The Sharesight Alexa Skill was developed by a Russell Dear (a Senior Developer at Xero) after he purchased an Alexa device and wanted to use it to get daily updates on his Sharesight investment portfolio. Russell built the Sharesight Skill in a personal capacity (it is not affiliated with his work at Xero).

Read our Q&A with Russell to learn more about how he developed the Sharesight Alexa Skill.

Is my data secure if I use the Sharesight Alexa Skill?

The Sharesight Skill connects to your account using the secure Sharesight API -- you can revoke Alexa’s access to your Sharesight account at any time from the "Account Settings" page.

I found a bug or have a suggestion, who should I contact?

Send the Sharesight help team a message when logged in.

Want to build an app like this for Google Home, etc?

Sharesight maintains both the Sharesight Connect and Sharesight User APIs and we encourage you to connect using these APIs in new and innovative ways. Please send an email to ( and we can discuss granting you access to our test environment free of charge and talk further on how we can build the Sharesight ecosystem.


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