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Student creates mobile app with Sharesight API

by David Olsen, Senior Marketing Manager — Content/SEO, Sharesight | Jan 16th 2018

We recently had a university student (Brett) from Australia’s Deakin University approach us to develop a mobile app for iOS using the Sharesight API for a student project. We asked him some questions after he completed his project -- here’s what he had to say:

What does your app do?

My app “Cow Splash” (had a bit of fun with the name) does the following:

  • Lets you log into your Sharesight account
  • Displays the logged-in Sharesight user info (name, email, plan)
  • Displays the user’s portfolios (including country, inception date of the portfolio and the portfolio name)
  • Displays further portfolio details including total gain, current value, as well as each holding (code, investment name, quantity, total gain, value), market total gain and value

featured sharesight-api-cow-splash

Why did you choose to develop against the Sharesight API?

I chose to develop against the Sharesight API as it met the project brief well (basic cross-platform app utilising an API). It was also sparked by my interest in investing over the last 2-3 years.

Which technologies helped you the most while developing your app and why?

Visual Studio Mac - IDE used to develop using Xamarin Forms targeting iOS and Android in a cross-platform manner.

Which programming languages did you use in your app?


Are you working on any other projects or have any coming up you'd like to mention?

I’ve got an iOS app called “Snapshot Wall” that displays free, high resolution images from Unsplash.

If you could continue to develop your app, what 3 features would you add next?

The three features I’d add next:

  • Graphing the total gain over time, much like the portfolio overview page of the Sharesight website
  • Theming to use branding colours e.g. Bendigo Bank, CMC Markets etc for supported Sharesight partners
  • Access to Sharesight reports

Do you have a blog / social profile you'd like us to point people to for more info / to get in touch?

I’ve got a Github page -- check it out!

You too can leverage the Sharesight API

We’d like to thank Brett for his interest in developing against the Sharesight API and congratulate him on his results.

Sharesight maintains both the Sharesight Connect and Sharesight User APIs and we encourage other members of the fintech ecosystem to connect using these APIs in new and innovative ways to build value for customers. Sharesight partners amscot stockbroking, Macrovue, Six Park, Simply Wall Street, CMC Stockbroking, PwC (plus others) already use Sharesight’s APIs.

If anything offered by the Sharesight API or inside Sharesight would benefit your business, platform, or website please send us an email and we can grant you access to our test environment free of charge and talk further on how we can partner to build value for customers.

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