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Sharesight connects to amscot Stockbroking and State One

by David Olsen, Senior Marketing Manager — Content/SEO, Sharesight | Oct 9th 2017

The team at Sharesight are excited to announce that amscot Stockbroking, along with associated brands amscot Advisor Services & State One Stockbroking can now connect their trading accounts directly to Sharesight. They’ve joined the growing ecosystem of Sharesight connected brokers that use the Sharesight API to give their clients access to the comprehensive portfolio and tax reporting, dividend tracking and performance analysis offered by Sharesight.


Investors with amscot Stockbroking on the amscot Value plan can buy or sell shares on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) from just $9.90 for trades up to $12,850 (or only 0.077% -- whichever is greater) which we think is great value and one of their key strengths in the Australian market.

Both amscot and State One clients can connect their trading accounts directly to Sharesight and gain access to Sharesight’s performance tracking, tax reporting, and our award-winning connection to Xero. This will import your trading histories, including past buys and sells, dividends, and corporate actions all across to Sharesight in just a few clicks. Ongoing trades get automatically recorded in Sharesight as well.

Sharesight welcomes broker partners like amscot Stockbroking who focus on doing what they do best (providing some of the best value brokerage in Australia) and who connect with Sharesight to offer their customers access to advanced performance calculations and tax reporting.

If you’re a broker that would like to join the Sharesight ecosystem. Read about why you should join the Sharesight partner ecosystem and get in touch today.