We are now a Silver Xero Partner & Certified Advisor!

by Angela Thompson, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Sharesight | Jan 8th 2015

We're pleased to announce that Sharesight is now a Silver Xero Partner and Certified Advisor. These milestones demonstrate our continued partnership with the innovative cloud-accounting company, as well as our commitment to provide investors with a comprehensive portfolio admin & performance tracking tool.

Sharesight + Xero: a love story

As cloud natives, we've always had an affinity for game-changing online services. As such, we decided early-on to partner with Xero's market-leading online accounting system in order to provide a seamless solution between investment portfolio management and accounting. We're proud to have been one of Xero's very first Add-Ons (now an entire sub-industry into itself!) and remain the only investment portfolio Add-On to this day.

Sharesight + Xero Cashbook

How it works

When you link Sharesight to Xero, your buys, sells, and dividends will flow into Xero automatically so you can incorporate your investments into your personal wealth and budgeting picture. And Xero sends your cash positions back to Sharesight -- a perfect solution for viewing cash investments inside your Sharesight portfolio. As we like to say, if you like Xero, you'll love Sharesight! In fact, our Xero integration is so great that they named us Add-On Partner of the Year for 2014.

Xero Add-On Partner of the Year 2014

Why do we sell Xero?

Sharesight at it's very core, is designed for the DIY investor. So while you can gain access to Xero via a certified accountant or advisor, we thought it was important to give investors the opportunity to own and manage their own Xero account. So back in August, we began to offer Xero Cashbook as a Sharesight Add-On. (You read that right: Sharesight is a Xero Add-On, and Xero Cashbook is a Sharesight Add-On. We love the openness and innovation that has grown out of Xero's Add-On ecosystem and couldn't resist building our own. Stay tuned to this space for more on this!)

What is Xero Cashbook?

Cashbook is the striped-back version of Xero without invoicing or payroll functions. What remains is a powerful personal finance tool that allows you to treat your personal or household finances like a P&L centre. And as mentioned above, once Cashbook is linked to Sharesight, you get a 360 degree view of your financial picture: income, expenses, cash and investments -- easily accessible from anywhere and in real-time.

Sharesight Investor and Expert users can try Cashbook free for 30 days, after that it's just $15/month. For more information, visit our Xero Partner page.

Our in-house Xero expert

We're also happy to announce that our Client Experience Specialist (aka Portfolio Champion) Lulu Ye, is now a Xero Certified Advisor. She's at the ready to help you connect your (or your client's) Sharesight Portfolios to Xero.


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