Sharesight partner profile — Macrovue

by Sid Sahgal, Founder and CEO, Macrovue | Dec 18th 2017

Macrovue is a new multi-currency investment platform that offers over 20,000 stocks and ETFs from 18 different exchanges around the world. We differ from traditional brokerages in that we also provide fully customisable portfolios of international stocks built around long- term investment themes.

We have partnered with Sharesight to provide performance and tax reporting within the Macrovue platform. One of the reasons we have chosen Sharesight as a partner is because of their advanced technology which allows us to provide a seamless API connection to their reporting smarts within our platform. But the bigger reason is that we have a shared goal to empower individual investors to take control of their investment journey.

Macrovue Sharesight

Too often, the process of finding good share investments can seem daunting. The financial analysis of individual companies requires time, effort, expertise, and access to the right data. And a rapidly evolving macro-economic environment complicates things further.

The process gets even more tricky for international investing. The companies and regulations are unfamiliar, and data and research is harder to come by. Making and managing the investments adds another wrinkle because international taxes and reporting means that you are less likely to be your accountant’s favourite client.

That has led most investors to put up their hands and use international funds or ETFs. Or invest solely in familiar international brands without regards to valuation or growth prospects. However, this approach means that you could be missing out on a slew of companies with strong potential for market beating returns.

We created Macrovue to help you find these opportunities. Our equity analysts with decades of fund management and research experience do the hard yards and create portfolios with 10 stocks each. While each portfolio is concentrated in a particular theme, choosing 10 stocks mitigates the riskiness of investing in a theme with only one stock.

The themes are setup to take advantage of long term structural changes that are affecting the world such as the aging of our society, disruptive technologies like the internet of things or autonomous cars, and the surging growth in clean technology. While Australia does have its share of good companies, more than 98% of listed companies are trading on international exchanges.

Our portfolios are also fully transparent and customisable. You may disagree with our stock picks so you are free to remove stocks from the portfolios. We provide all the research so you can learn about perhaps picking the next theme and investment opportunity yourself.

Sharesight has helped us complete our offering. It allows our clients to make investments with full control and transparency and simplify the administration of their portfolios. We are looking forward to working together to deliver superior outcomes for individual investors.

To find out more about Macrovue, visit or to explore Vues in more detail, create a free account here.


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