Sharesight product updates – November 2023

by Ben Clendon, Head of Product, Sharesight | Nov 10th 2023

The focus over the past month has been on implementing the additional feature ideas relating to our new (beta) exposure report. We have now deployed the last of these improvements and our exposure report is ready to be rolled out in full.

release notes

Exposure report enhancements

  • Enabled this new report to be run in consolidated views
  • Introduced a badge showing the count of how many direct and underlying holdings are connected to a single company, avoiding the need to drill into each investment
  • ETFs that largely track only one other ETF will now show the ‘true’ underlying holdings. For example, IVV.ASX technically has one holding, IVV.NYSE, but it’s the underlying holdings of IVV.NYSE that we really want to reveal for IVV.ASX to understand the true market exposure of IVV.ASX. You can see this treatment by running the exposure report and selecting AAPL.NASDAQ. This will reveal the ‘Nested underlying’ holdings of IVV.ASX.

Broker import functionality

  • Added an integration for Desktop Broker for Sharesight Professional users
  • Added support for Sentinel trade confirmations.

Other new functionality/enhancements

  • Taking into account a lot of useful feedback, we’ve updated the layout of our new beta holdings page. We’ve also added a labels card and a notes and files section
  • We have adopted entirely new technology for our PDF generation and rolled this out with the diversity and sold securities reports. PDF generation of these reports previously was particularly slow. The file downloads now occur instantly. We will roll out this technology to all our reports in due course.


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