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Sharesight release notes – December 2022

by Ben Clendon, Head of Product, Sharesight | Jan 9th 2023

As I write this, we are rolling out a new field on our holdings page called Avg purchase price. Initially, this field will only be displayed to users who have enabled the beta features setting on their Account preferences page. You can find and enable this setting here.

This new field is designed to give you insight into what you previously paid for a stock, on average, when compared to its current listing price. It is not a cost base per share value, which we always track in the portfolio currency, and it does not take into account brokerage costs. However, it is adjusted to take into account splits and consolidations to ensure it remains useful as a comparison to the current price. The new field will not initially be available for listings on the FX market.

Sharesight release notes-December22

UX / Usability improvements

  • Improved the experience of managing custom investments on mobile devices

New Functionality / Enhancements

  • Avg purchase price displayed on the holdings page
  • Introduced a new streamlined service (Interactive Brokers web service) for syncing trades from Interactive Brokers into Sharesight