Sharesight release notes - May 2019

by Scott Ryburn, CTO, Sharesight | Jun 7th 2019

We’ve been busy in May with some infrastructure work to improve site performance and support our ever growing user base. We’ve also been continuing to work on our Interactive Brokers Integration with a range of bug-fixes and enhancements, and anticipate a public release before then end of June.

Users who want early access to features we’re developing like our Interactive Brokers Integration, should join the Sharesight Beta Program.

Sharesight release notes - May 2019

Sharesight development release highlights for May:


  • Improvements to streamline the onboarding flow on both desktop and mobile for new users that haven’t added any data to a Sharesight portfolio
  • Improved placeholder text on the add holding form
  • Display localised currency icons (ie: €,¥, $) for dividend and distribution payments on the price chart of the Holdings page

Broker Import

Supported stock exchanges

Sharesight now tracks 28 international stock exchanges and managed/mutual fund markets.

Sharesight API

  • Add a new optional parameter include_limited to the v3 performance endpoint (beta) - This will return limited information for holdings that exceed the allowable limit based on the users subscription