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Track investments in Chinese Yuan with Sharesight

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Oct 7th 2020

Sharesight users can easily track investments in the offshore Chinese Yuan (CNH) and onshore Yuan (CNY) currencies. This includes the ability to track trades, dividends and cash investments in Yuan, along with access to more than 100 other global currencies and key Asian stock exchanges.

image 0 Yuan

What is the Chinese Yuan?

The Chinese Yuan (or Renminbi) exists in two forms: CNY and CNH. The CNY is the currency used in the Chinese onshore mainland market, while the CNH is used in the offshore market, which includes traditional Yuan centres such as Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Luxembourg.

Generally, the CNH tends to be less controlled and more market-driven, and has a more diversified range of investment products, making it a popular choice for global investments. It is important to note that while the two currencies are similar, exchange rates can differ between the CNY and CNH; even when responding to the same economic event, the CNH tends to react more strongly as there are no trading barriers or central bank market operations, however it is also more impacted by global factors.

Track your investments in Yuan

Sharesight users can easily track their Chinese and international investments, with access to more than 40 global markets, including the Shenzhen (SHE), Hong Kong (HKG) and Singapore (SGX) exchanges.

By linking a cash account to their portfolio, Sharesight users can automatically track buy and sell trades, dividends and distributions paid in Yuan (CNH). This gives users the complete picture of their investments, including the value of cash on hand that is not fully invested. Users can easily create a cash account by clicking ‘Add Cash Account’ on the Portfolio Overview page.

image 1 Yuan

An example of transactions in a CNH cash account converted to AUD

Tracking the performance of global investment portfolios is made simple with Sharesight’s support for intraday foreign exchange rates, which are updated daily every 5 minutes (20 minutes delayed). Sharesight also automatically converts the prices and valuations of your holdings from their listed market to your portfolio’s base currency, continually tracking the impact of currency fluctuations on your investment performance. As seen in the screenshot below, this makes it possible to track foreign exchange rates, cash accounts and global stocks – all in one place.

image 2 Yuan

A global portfolio tracking currency and stocks in CNH, CNY, AUD and USD

Start tracking your global investments

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With over 240,000 investments tracked from more than 40 global exchanges, Sharesight is the perfect tool for global investors like you. With Sharesight you can:


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