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CIBC Investors Edge

Sharesight allows you to bulk import your historical buy and sell trades directly from CIBC Investors Edge. You can also have your ongoing trades automatically synced to your Sharesight portfolio. Keep reading to learn how.

How to import your historical trades

Note: This only imports your trade history. Once you have imported your history, set up the Trade Confirmation Emails feature to automatically import future trades.
  1. On the ‘Let's get you started with Sharesight’ page, select the 'Import from a Broker' tile and click on CIBC Investors Edge broker tile.



  1. From the ‘Looking to import trades from CIBC Investors Edge’ window, select the CIBC Investors Edge link.


  1. Login to CIBC Investors Edge.

  2. Navigate to your trading account.

  3. Find the link to download your historical trade history. The file is named 'Transaction History'.

  4. The downloaded file requires some editing; in the ‘Market’ column change the country code to the stock market code the stock is held on, e.g. TSE, CNSX, NASDAQ. This is required content for the file to successfully upload. For other stock exchange codes, please refer to the Supported Stock Exchanges help page.

  5. If the 'Transaction Type' column contains more than ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ transactions, all the other content needs to be filtered out. To do this, use the filter feature in your spreadsheet program.

  6. Convert your downloaded file into a CSV format. If you require assistance please contact support and we will help you.

  7. Upload the file in the CIBC broker tile.


  1. The ‘Trades to import into Portfolio’ page will show an itemised list of all trades imported from the CSV file. Verify and edit the trade data as required. If trades appear in red, this means that Sharesight can’t upload the trade or the trade will cause errors in your portfolio. The solutions to common errors can be found here.

  2. Once you have verified the trade data, click ‘Save all transactions’.


  1. Once the trades are saved, your Sharesight portfolio will be populated and the Portfolio Overview Page will load.

Your returns will be calculated by Sharesight’s performance calculation methodology, which is a money-weighted return methodology, meaning the performance figures take account of the size and timing of cash flows.

Sharesight will automatically create dividends and corporate actions for the holdings you have imported.

Now that you have populated your portfolio, we recommend you verify and confirm any automatically generated data.


How to automatically import future trades

You can automatically import your ongoing CIBC Investors Edge trades using Sharesight's trade confirmation emails feature. Read more about how to forward your contract notes in this guide.