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Otivo is an online financial advice service that makes managing your money easy. We start by asking you a few questions so we can better understand your financial situation. From there, you can either enter everything manually or link your bank securely with Otivo. This makes sure our advice is always up to date. Once you're done setting up your account, we'll share instant tailored tips to you to help you save more, retire earlier and pay your debt quicker. It’s called Otivo. It's licensed. And it's ready to liberate your life.

How we work together

Sharesight and Otivo have partnered to empower investors to achieve their financial goals. By connecting Sharesight and Otivo, investors can track all of their financial investments in one place, with an improved ability to forecast cash flow -- while receiving personalised money-saving recommendations.

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Take control of your finances by connecting Sharesight and Otivo