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Stockfox delivers professionally researched analysis and recommendations to users on their mobile, desktop or tablet device to help them invest successfully in the share market.

The web-based app was created to reduce the confusion and anxiety people often feel when trying to decide what shares to buy and when to sell. It stands apart from other shares apps by helping users decide what to buy and when to sell to invest successfully -- with Stockfox's analysts holding a Financial Advice Provider licence -- as opposed to other apps that leave investors on their own to decide what shares they should buy.

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How we work together

The integration with Sharesight empowers Stockfox investors with stock price and performance data from over 240,000 global stocks, ETFs and funds, all within the Stockfox virtual share advisory app. By connecting Sharesight and Stockfox, investors can leverage the stock analysis capabilities of Stockfox, combined with Sharesight’s performance tracking and tax reporting tools -- creating the ultimate solution for self-directed investors.

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Get share market advice by connecting Sharesight to Stockfox