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Sharesight allows you to bulk import your historical buy and sell trades directly from Degiro.

Import historical trades

You will require a CSV file export out of Revolut to import your trading history into Sharesight. You can do this by following the below steps.
  1. Login to your DEGIRO account
  2. Navigate to Inbox on the menu left sidebar
  3. Select Transactions
  4. Set Start date to first buy and End date to present day
  5. Click on Export and select CSV
Once your file is downloaded, you can import it to Sharesight using the steps below.

1 – Login to Sharesight.

2 - On the ‘Let's get you started with Sharesight’ page, select the ‘Import from a Broker’ tile.

Frame 1 (1)

3 - Click on the ‘Degiro’ tile on the ‘Import from a Broker’ page.

4 – Click the 'Upload a file' button.

5 - Select the CSV of trades you wish to import.

6 - Click import.

How to import new trades

Sharesight supports Degiro using the trade confirmation emails feature. Read more about how to forward your contract notes in this guide.