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2017 stock picking competition — survey results

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight | Jan 18th 2017

In our 2017 stock picking competition survey we posed a series of questions to gauge Australian and Kiwi investor sentiment heading into the new year in addition to gathering the stock picks. For various reasons people were ready for 2016 to come to a close, but global stock markets actually performed quite well.

Using Vanguard’s Total World Stock ETF (NYSE: VT) as a benchmark, which tracks 3,750 stocks from 45 countries, global markets returned just over 14% for the 2016 calendar year, with an additional 2.56% in dividend income.

Investors worldwide fixated on the unprecedented US election in November, but since then global markets are up more than 7%.

So how do Aussie and Kiwi Sharesight customers feel about the next 12 months?

2017 Survey Results

1. Where does the dollar finish next year?

survey-2017 1

(The majority got it right -- it finished at $0.72)

2. The next interest rate move from the RBA will be?

survey-2017 2

3. What is your view on the outlook for Australian equities in 2017?

survey-2017 3

4. Large Caps vs. Small Caps - which part of the market will outperform in 2017?

survey-2017 4

5. Fairfax announces plans to spin out Domain via an IPO?

survey-2017 5

6. The China facing stocks (e.g. BKL, BAL, A2M) get a second wind and rally in 2017?

survey-2017 6

7. Major banks and insurers outperform the ASX200 in 2017?

survey-2017 7

8. RIO and BHP start increasing their dividends in 2017?

survey-2017 8

9. Australian property (finally) corrects -- average capital city house prices down by 5%?

survey-2017 9

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