How Absolute Wealth Advisers gets clarity and accuracy with Sharesight

by Diana Ioppolo, Content writer | Oct 17th 2023

Absolute Wealth Advisers is a financial planning business that offers a range of services, including financial advice, coaching and educational events.

The Financial Advice team manages clients on a whole-of-wealth basis, taking into account all their assets. The business generally takes on clients with existing assets, which makes it challenging to get the quality information they need to give the best advice, such as performance, cost base and tax-related data. These issues were further highlighted after they acquired another financial planning business, so the team turned to Sharesight for help.

Absolute Wealth Advisers Sharesight

With Sharesight, the team can:

Access an accurate cost base of investments

“Traditionally, this is something advisers and clients haven’t been keeping good track of,” says Dean, Co-Founder of Absolute Wealth Advisers.

Compare actual performance vs. benchmarks

“When you’re buying direct shares over a period of time, you don’t get the same clarity of what your return is compared to what you get with an index or super fund.”

Offer reports for international shares

“Getting performance and tax reporting as well as analysis has been really valuable for clients that want to be more hands-on with their investments.”

See a whole-of-wealth view

“We can sync the portion of a client’s wealth within Sharesight with AdviserLogic, giving us a client’s total wealth position, which has been really valuable,” adds Dean.

“The information we get from Sharesight helps us give clients the right advice and to give them performance information over time. We’re having better conversations with our clients, especially when talking about the cost base and the strategies we develop on the back of that information.”

— Dean Holmes, Co-Founder of Absolute Wealth Advisers

Track your clients’ performance with Sharesight

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