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Automatically import SelfWealth trades into Sharesight

by David Olsen, Content Manager, Sharesight

Did you know that you can automatically import trades from over 100 brokers around the world into your Sharesight portfolio? In 2012 we developed a solution that allows you to automatically record your buy and sell trades via the Trade Confirmation Emails (contract notes) emailed to you when you trade with some brokers.

Investors can easily import trades automatically to their Sharesight portfolio for Australian low-cost broker SelfWealth. This makes it easier than ever for Australian investors to leverage Sharesight’s award-winning performance, dividend tracking, and tax reporting features.

Import SelfWealth trades Sharesight

Who is SelfWealth?

SelfWealth is a Australian-based broker that offers ‘$9.50 flat-fee trades’ on ASX-listed securities and has won several awards, including Fintech Business of the Year at the Optus Business Awards.

How to use Sharesight’s Trade Confirmation Emails feature

It’s easy to use Sharesight’s Trade Confirmation Emails feature to add SelfWealth trades to your Sharesight portfolio. Read our Trade Confirmation Emails help page to get started, then forward your trade confirmations to your unique portfolio email address located under the Integrations tab in the Trade Confirmation Emails section.

Trade Confirmation Emails

To make things even easier, Selfwealth allow you to set up a second email address in your Selfwealth account to send a copy of the contract notes email to. This will remove the need to manually forward these emails to Sharesight.

How to import historical SelfWealth trades to Sharesight

There are two ways to import historical trades from Selfwealth to Sharesight. Investors can either manually forward copies their trade confirmation emails, or they can upload a spreadsheet directly from Selfwealth of their trading history using our File Import wizard.

Importing historical trades via the Trade Confirmation Email feature

Not only is the Trade Confirmation Emails feature great for automatically importing ongoing trades to your Sharesight portfolio, but it can also be used to add historical trades when creating a new portfolio.

All you need to do is manually forward these historical trade confirmation emails for the trades you want added to the portfolio just like the above - starting with the first trade (earliest in time) you want included.

Note: This feature is designed primarily for adding ongoing trades, but in most cases also works well for historical trades, particularly if it’s only a small number. If you run into trouble with the above, reach out to our help team when logged into Sharesight.

How to import historical trades through a spreadsheet

The easiest way to import a large number of historical trades to Sharesight is by downloading a spreadsheet directly from Selfwealth containing your trading history then uploading it to Sharesight through the Broker Import wizard.

Simply select ‘Import from a Broker’ from the ‘Add holdings’ screen, then select the Selthwealth broker tile to get started in Sharesight.


Note: In some instances the spreadsheet contains multiple parcels in a single order that share one brokerage cost. Sharesight has taken our best guess at how to attribute the cost (selecting one order for the brokerage to apply to, rather than split it across multiple parcels). Let us know your feedback on whether this is how you’d like it handled by sending a message to to our support team.

We need your help to add more brokers!

If your broker is not yet on Sharesight’s list of supported brokers but they send you trade confirmation emails (or you’re able to download the PDF trade confirmations,or a CSV of trades from your broker manually), then ask us to support your broker by sharing an ‘idea’ on our community forum, or by leaving us a message in the chat interface located at the bottom-right of Sharesight.

We just need a handful of sample trade confirmation emails in order to support a new broker, so reach-out today if you’d like to see yours added!


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