Automatically track Raiz Invest trades with Sharesight

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Apr 29th 2021

Investors using Raiz Invest can automatically import historical and ongoing trades in the underlying ETFs Raiz invests in to their Sharesight portfolio, making it easier than ever for Australian investors to leverage Sharesight’s award-winning performance, dividend tracking and tax reporting features.

With support for more than 200 global brokers including micro-investing platforms like Raiz, and automatically updated price and dividend information on over 240,000 stocks, ETFs and mutual/managed funds, Sharesight allows investors to effortlessly track all of their investments in one place.

Automatically track Raiz Invest trades with Sharesight

Who is Raiz?

Established in Australia in 2016, Raiz Invest is a micro-investing app designed to help Australian and overseas investors grow wealth over time by allowing them to incrementally invest small amounts of money in ETFs. Raiz invests in ETFs on customers’ behalf using their remaining change from everyday purchases, or recurring or lump sum payments. Key features include the option to choose from six different portfolio types with varying risk levels and the ability to start investing with a minimum amount of $5.

Why you should track Raiz trades with Sharesight

By importing your Raiz trades to Sharesight, you can easily track your investment performance across multiple brokers and asset classes, or take advantage of Sharesight’s advanced performance and tax reporting designed for the needs of self-directed investors.

Unlike most brokers, Sharesight gives investors the full picture of their returns by taking into account the impact of brokerage fees, dividends and capital gains on their returns. Sharesight also offers a range of powerful reports for investors including Performance, Portfolio Diversity, Contribution Analysis, Multi-Currency Valuation and Future Income (upcoming dividends). The ability to track cash accounts, property and even cryptocurrency is just another reason that investors should consider using Sharesight to track their investment portfolio.

How to import your Raiz trades to Sharesight

It’s easy to use Sharesight’s Trade Confirmation Emails feature to automatically add future Raiz trades to your Sharesight portfolio. Read our Trade Confirmation Emails help page to get started, then forward your Raiz daily trade confirmations to your unique portfolio email address.

Note: Sharesight does not support importing monthly user statements from Raiz. You only need to forward your daily trade confirmations. Should you forward a monthly user statement it will be marked as a ‘validation error’, however no effort is required on your part as all of your trades will be automatically imported from your daily trade confirmations.

Start tracking your Raiz Invest trades with Sharesight

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