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Get weekly Sharesight20 ASX & NZX trading snapshots

by David Olsen, Senior Marketing Manager — Content/SEO, Sharesight | Oct 17th 2017

Sharesight was founded over 10 years ago with a central mission. To make understanding the true performance of portfolios easy so investors can make sound investment decisions that maximise their returns. The proof of the success in this mission is in the numbers, with Sharesight premium plans averaging a 36% p.a. return.

To further empower Sharesight clients to make sound investment decisions we are unlocking the potential of the over $1.9 Billion of investments we currently track, creating the Sharesight20 trading snapshot.

The Sharesight20 trading snapshot is a weekly update of the top 20 shares traded by the Sharesight userbase on a particular market over the past 7 days.

These weekly snapshots provide valuable insights on trends and activity in these markets by the Sharesight community of (predominantly) DIY investors, making it easier than ever to make sound investment decisions.

Sharesight20 ASX Weekly Trade Data

Why the ASX and NZX?

The Sharesight investor community has a strong contingent of Australian and New Zealand based investors who love Sharesight’s 20 minute delayed ASX and NZX pricing, so these markets were an obvious choice. We have therefore debuted Sharesight20 trading snapshots for both the Australian Stock Exchange -- The Sharesight20ASX -- and the New Zealand Stock Exchange -- The Sharesight20NZX.

Sharesight currently tracks 16 stock exchanges around the world (and has the ability to support approximately 200). If you’d like to see us release weekly Sharesight20 trading snapshots for other markets, join the Sharesight Community and let us know which ones!

Sharesight NZX trading snapshot October 2017

Get the latest Sharesight20ASX and Sharesight20NZX data

Sharesight gives exclusive early access to the Sharesight20 ASX and NZX trading snapshots every Monday to members of the Sharesight Community. Join the community now to make sure you can take advantage of these valuable insights before they are shared elsewhere.

After the Sharesight Community’s early access, you’ll be able to find the latest Sharesight ASX and NZX trading snapshot on Twitter using the #Sharesight20ASX and #Sharesight20NZX hashtags, or by ‘liking’ Sharesight on Facebook, following us on LinkedIn, or even on Google+ (yes Google+).