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How much money do you need to save for retirement

How much money do you need to save for retirement?

by David Olsen | Apr 1st 2020

To save enough money for a your retirement, it pays to calculate your target nest egg now to help guide how you invest to achieve your retirement income goals.

What is loss aversion

What is loss aversion and how to protect yourself from it

by Prashant Mohan | Mar 23rd 2020

In this blog, we look at what loss aversion is, explore examples of how it manifests itself in investing and how you can protect yourself from it.

Are Australian investors investing in Asia?

Are Australian investors investing in Asia

by Doug Morris | Mar 3rd 2020

While Australian's tend to be more internationally diversified than the average investor, only 4% of Australian paid users invest directly in Asian markets.

Diary of a small cap growth investor - Feb 2020 update

Diary of a small cap growth investor - Feb 2020 update

by Claude Walker | Feb 20th 2020

The last three months have been pretty kind to me. My portfolio has gained 8.8%, which is slightly better than the ASX 200 ETF that I use as a benchmark.

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Track Livewire's most tipped stocks for 2020

by Prashant Mohan | Feb 6th 2020

We've partnered with Livewire again, to help you track their top picks from fund managers as well as the top picks from Livewire readers for 2020.

What is quantitative-value investing

What is quantitative-value investing?

by Tom Wigley | Jan 29th 2020

As its name implies, quantitative-value investing merges mathematical analysis used by quantitative investors with the principles of value investing.

Investing in ESG funds

Factors to look for when investing in ESG funds

by Arian Neiron | Jan 19th 2020

Essentially, companies with strong ESG profiles typically enjoy enhanced corporate performance and financial returns – so what should you look out for?

3 tips to manage investment risk during retirement

3 tips to manage investment risk during retirement

by David Olsen | Dec 12th 2019

Here are a few ways to help maintain a healthy return whilst limiting the risk of your overall retirement investment portfolio.

Role of cash investment portfolio

What is the role of cash in an investment portfolio?

by David Olsen | Nov 27th 2019

Investing in stocks and sitting on cash might seem like mutually exclusive options, but they can actually be two sides of the same coin.

top podcasts for investors worldwide

Top 10 podcasts for investors worldwide

by David Olsen | Nov 11th 2019

While reading is wonderful, there’s an even more efficient way to consume knowledge – podcasting. So here are 10 podcasts for investors worldwide.

Limit losses stop loss order

How to limit losses with a stop-loss order

by Simon Angelo | Nov 7th 2019

A stop-loss is an order placed with your broker to place a market order to sell an instrument when it reaches a certain price to limit the extent of any losses.

Record keeping tips for SMSF trustees

Record keeping tips for SMSF trustees

by Sam Hando | Oct 24th 2019

Developing a sound system of organising and storing records from establishment will make it easier for your SMSF to keep up with compliance requirements.