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3 tips to manage investment risk during retirement
Investing tips

3 tips to manage investment risk during retirement

by David Olsen | Dec 12th 2019

Here are a few ways to help maintain a healthy return whilst limiting the risk of your overall retirement investment portfolio.

Role of cash investment portfolio
Investing tips

What is the role of cash in an investment portfolio?

by David Olsen | Nov 27th 2019

Investing in stocks and sitting on cash might seem like mutually exclusive options, but they can actually be two sides of the same coin.

top podcasts for investors worldwide
Investing tips

Top 10 podcasts for investors worldwide

by David Olsen | Nov 11th 2019

While reading is wonderful, there’s an even more efficient way to consume knowledge – podcasting. So here are 10 podcasts for investors worldwide.

Limit losses stop loss order
Investing tips

How to limit losses with a stop-loss order

by Simon Angelo | Nov 7th 2019

A stop-loss is an order placed with your broker to place a market order to sell an instrument when it reaches a certain price to limit the extent of any losses.

Record keeping tips for SMSF trustees
Investing tips

Record keeping tips for SMSF trustees

by Sam Hando | Oct 24th 2019

Developing a sound system of organising and storing records from establishment will make it easier for your SMSF to keep up with compliance requirements.

3 easy ways to automate your portfolio admin
Product features | Investing tips

3 easy ways to automate your portfolio admin

by Angela Thompson | Oct 15th 2019

To stay on top of your investment portfolio, you’ll want to automate as many of the day-to-day admin tasks as possible. Here are 3 easy ways to do that:

Look beyond company guidance for opportunities
Investing tips

Look beyond company guidance for opportunities

by Simon Angelo | Oct 9th 2019

Of course, investor reports, presentations, analyst ratings and so forth are useful. But they’re often tipped in favour of buying the company’s shares.

What to avoid when investing
Investing tips | News

What to avoid when investing: Event wrap-up

by David Olsen | Sep 27th 2019

The team from Sharesight hosted a panel of speakers this week on behalf of the Finimize Sydney community to discuss ‘What to Avoid when Investing’.

peer to peer lending
Investing tips

What is peer-to-peer lending?

by Daniel Foggo | Sep 26th 2019

Broadly speaking, peer-to-peer lending uses technology to create an online marketplace that matches borrowers with investors.

Why invest in commodities like gold
Investing tips | Product features

Why invest in commodities like gold?

by Vikas Soni | Sep 12th 2019

We look at some of the reasons investors choose to diversify into commodities like gold, and how to track both performance and asset allocation with Sharesight.

defensive investment strategy
Investing tips

Is it time to consider a defensive investment strategy?

by David Olsen | Aug 26th 2019

There’s no shortage of concerning news around at the moment, so some investors might wonder if now is, indeed, a good time to go on the defensive.

Monitor portfolio health with Sharesight
Investing tips

4 ways to monitor the health of your portfolio

by Doug Morris | Aug 23rd 2019

Understanding how your portfolio has been performing overall, not just in the past month, is the best antidote to help you make the best investing decisions.