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Why SMSF trustees should track dividends

4 reasons SMSF trustees should be tracking dividends

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Mar 7th 2021

This blog explains why SMSF trustees need to track dividends, and how using Sharesight can help save SMSF trustees time and money running their SMSF.

ETF tax

The exchange traded fund (ETF) tax nightmare

by Doug Morris | Mar 3rd 2021

ETFs create tax complications because instead of classifying them as ordinary company shares, the ATO classifies ETFs as trusts.

Track employee stock plans with Sharesight

How to track employee stock plans

by Doug Morris | Mar 3rd 2021

If you own company shares as part of an employee stock plan, you should be tracking them because they're part of your compensation. Here's how to do it.

Why I track my Selfweath trades with Sharesight

How and why I track my Selfwealth trades with Sharesight

by Emily Grunberg | Feb 9th 2021

With Sharesight I can keep track of my investments from all my brokers (including Selfwealth), dividends, DRPs, and easily calculate my performance and tax.

Dividend payout ratio

What is the dividend payout ratio (DPR)?

by Andrew Starke | Feb 7th 2021

The dividend payout ratio (DPR) is the amount of dividend that a company gives out to its shareholders as a percentage of its current earnings.

Trends that shaped retail investing in 2020

5 trends that shaped retail investing in 2020

by Prashant Mohan | Jan 21st 2021

The year 2020 was a year of change and acceleration, in the world of retail investing. Here's my 5 biggest trends that shaped retail investing in 2020.


4 things investors need to know about dividend investing

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Jan 14th 2021

In times of economic volatility, it’s more important than ever for dividend investors to keep track of their portfolio.

image 0 dividends paid

When are dividends paid by stocks?

by Andrew Starke | Dec 10th 2020

It's important for investors to keep track of their dividends, including factors such as price, paid and ex dates, dividend reinvestment plans and taxes.

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Diversification of SMSF portfolios post COVID-19

by Andrew Starke | Dec 9th 2020

In times of heightened market volatility, it's crucial for SMSF trustees to review and rebalance their portfolio, diversifying their assets as necessary.

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Types of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – explained

by David Olsen | Dec 8th 2020

This article explores the various types of ETFs available to investors, how they differ, and the roles they play in building an investment portfolio.

Investor Market Volatility

Three ways investors approach market volatility

by Andrew Starke | Dec 7th 2020

Elevated levels of market volatility can be challenging for investors but with this comes opportunity to both minimise risks and maximise opportunities.

Brokerage Fees Investment Performance

Brokerage fees and your investment performance

by Vikas Soni | Nov 11th 2020

Find out how brokerage fees impact your investment performance as we look at Sharesight's data on brokerage cost and explore the trend towards low-cost brokers.