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ASX Australian Investor Study
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Top insights from the ASX Australian Investor Study 2020

by Anastasia Anagnostakos | Nov 10th 2020

2020 has been an extraordinary year for markets and the ASX Australian Investor Study 2020 (AIS) has picked up on a number of interesting trends for investors.

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What investors need to know about SPACs

by Andrew Starke | Oct 20th 2020

Special-Purpose Acquisition Companies or SPACs are a structure for companies to raise capital instead of via an IPO. Here's what investors need to know.

Mutual Funds vs ETFs differences
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Mutual Funds vs ETFs in the UK - what are the differences?

by Andrew Starke | Oct 12th 2020

In this article we detail what mutual funds and ETFs are, how they differ, and what you need to look out for if you’re looking to invest in either in the UK.

Why you should track your dividends
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3 reasons why you need to be tracking dividends

by Doug Morris | Sep 30th 2020

Dividend tracking might seem ‘unsexy’ compared to tracking capital growth, but dividends income can have a material impact on your investment portfolio returns.

Characteristics of quality companies
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Five key characteristics of quality companies in reporting season

by Michelle Lopez | Sep 29th 2020

We look for quality companies, which we define as having five key characteristics. Here's how to identify them during reporting season.

featured image - Baubre Murray Q&A
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Q&A with Baubre Murray

by Angela Thompson | Sep 20th 2020

Baubre is a Sharesight user and a Chartered Accountant based in Wellington NZ who recently published a personal finance book entitled Stop Worrying About Money.

image 0 stock splits
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What investors need to know about stock splits

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Sep 7th 2020

This article explains different types of stock splits, looks at recent examples, and shows how Sharesight helps you track the impact of stock splits.

ETF tax admin Australia
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The tax admin trap for Australian ETF investors

by Doug Morris | Aug 26th 2020

Despite many advantages, ETFs can become a tax administration nightmare for investors who choose to go off-platform or don't rely on a managed service.

Top SMSF shares
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Performance of the top 20 SMSF shares in FY19/20

by David Olsen | Aug 11th 2020

To help SMSF trustees compare their portfolios to their peers, we’ve crunched the numbers on the 20 most held shares by SMSF portfolios tracked in Sharesight.

7 reasons why Sharesight is better than a spreadsheet
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7 reasons why Sharesight is better than a spreadsheet

by Angela Thompson | Jul 8th 2020

Here's why Sharesight is better for tracking your investment portfolio than manually entering all of your holdings, trades, and dividends in a spreadsheet.

How to calculate franking credits investments
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How to calculate franking credits on your portfolio

by Prashant Mohan | Jul 6th 2020

Fully franked dividends carry tax paid on profits at the company tax rate of 30% and are highly valued by investors - here's how to calculate franking credits.

COVID-19 volatility puts spotlight on tax-loss selling
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COVID-19 volatility puts spotlight on tax-loss selling

by David Olsen | Jun 23rd 2020

Tax loss selling is a strategy some investors leverage during the financial year with a view to reduce their capital gains tax liabilities.