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Good returns

Good returns start with quality, independent information

by Doug Morris | Aug 27th 2021

Self-directed investors need an automated solution that provides quality, independent information and actionable insights – not just vague stock data.

Why share registries aren-t enough

Why share registries aren't enough

by Doug Morris | Aug 10th 2021

Investors often think they're seeing their whole portfolio picture by logging into their share registry. This is simply not the case.

cumulative dividends (1)

What is a cumulative dividend?

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Jun 29th 2021

Keep reading to learn how cumulative dividends work, the pros and cons of receiving cumulative dividends and how to keep track of dividends with Sharesight.

ESG Social Factors

Spotlight on the ‘S’ of ESG: The rise of social factors

by Jihan Diolosa | Jun 2nd 2021

In this article, we explore the meaning behind social factors, as well as the risks and challenges when assessing these issues as part of ESG investing.

What are short-term and long-term capital gains

What are short-term vs long-term capital gains?

by Stephanie Stefanovic | May 28th 2021

This blog post explains the difference between short-term and long-term capital gains, and how Australian investors can use Sharesight to calculate their CGT.

What is diversification in investing

What is diversification in investing?

by Stephanie Stefanovic | May 21st 2021

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of diversification, different diversification strategies and how to track your diversification with Sharesight.

What is a listed investment company

What is a Listed Investment Company (LIC)?

by Andrew Starke | Apr 23rd 2021

LICs are listed investment vehicles popular with Australian investors that are both easy to access and offer a number of advantages vs other investment funds.

How to calculate a stock's dividend growth rate (1)

How to calculate a stock's dividend growth rate

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Apr 20th 2021

To learn how the dividend growth rate is calculated, how it can be used and how Sharesight helps investors keep track of their dividends, keep reading.

What is dividend yield

What is dividend yield?

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Apr 16th 2021

To learn more about dividend yields, the pros and cons of dividend investing and why Sharesight is the ultimate dividend tracking tool, keep reading.

What is a dividend (1)

What is a dividend?

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Apr 12th 2021

This blog explains the different types of dividends, the pros and cons, the tax implications and how Sharesight helps investors keep track of their dividends.

What is a franked dividend

What is a franked dividend?

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Apr 12th 2021

This blog will explain how franked dividends work, the tax implications they have for investors, and how Sharesight can help investors track dividends.

image 0 Sharesight better than Google Finance

4 ways Sharesight is better than Google Finance

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Apr 8th 2021

Looking for a Google Finance alternative? Sharesight provides annualised performance, automatic dividends, currency impacts and advanced portfolio reporting.