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How one investor uses Sharesight to understand her true performance

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Mar 13th 2023

Part of our Sharesight customer experience series, this video features Nikky W., an investor who has been tracking her portfolio with Sharesight since 2020.

Nikky and her husband’s interest in investing led them to Sharesight as an easy way to manage their share portfolios.

According to Nikky, Sharesight provides her with a very clear indication of how much she has earned on her investments and the average cost of her shares, giving her a true understanding of her financial position across her portfolios.

In general, Nikky has found Sharesight to be a user-friendly tool that enables her to make important decisions around buying and selling, while helping her understand what is happening with her shares.

Sharesight’s integration with other platforms has also really helped Nikky save time, with consolidated reporting and the ability to import trades from multiple brokers.

Watch the video to discover Nikky’s investing journey with Sharesight.

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