How KmacD Financial streamlines reporting and saves time with Sharesight

by Diana Ioppolo, Content writer | Nov 15th 2023

KmacD Financial is a boutique financial planning firm providing holistic financial planning advice. They work predominantly with pre-retirees and retirees, managing superannuation assets, direct portfolios and self-managed superannuation funds.

Why KmacD Financial uses Sharesight

Before starting the practice, owner and Certified Financial Planner Kristy MacDonald used accounting software to manage client reporting. She found this approach expensive, overly complex, and not well-suited to financial planning, so she wanted to find a better solution for her clients.

With Sharesight, Kristy found an easy-to-use and useful reporting system that saved her significant data entry time.

“The Sharesight-AdviserLogic integration means the data entry is taken care of,” said Kristy.

“This saves me a huge amount of time when producing statements of advice and records of advice for clients, and I also plan to use it for dividend reporting.”

Consolidated reporting has helped Kristy with day-to-day operations and customer service, particularly with clients whose wealth is spread across superannuation assets, direct portfolios and self-managed super funds. Kristy can also better track clients’ portfolio performance and share account details with her clients so they can quickly and easily see their position.

“Traditionally, they’d have to log in to three different systems to see the value of their investments,” said Kristy.

“With Sharesight, clients can see a consolidated view of their assets and see performance at different periods of time.”

Overall, Kristy has found Sharesight easy to use, intuitive and ideal for financial advisers.

“I’ve used pretty much every financial planning software created, and I’ve found you need to do a lot more work to create something that is actually useful. By using Sharesight with the AdviserLogic integration, I’ve produced a lot of what we need pretty much instantaneously and without doing a lot of additional work.”

— Kristy MacDonald, Owner and Certified Financial Planner, KmacD Financial

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