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TSX-60 performance

TSX-60 sector and stock performance 2013-2018

by Raghav Singh | Jan 15th 2019

In this post, we’re examining the returns of stocks in Canada’s TSX-60 index and the corresponding returns for each sector and key stocks in the index.

ways to maximise investment returns

5 ways to maximise returns in a low-return world

by Doug Morris | Jan 7th 2019

To maximise returns, investors need to be smart about minimising investment costs. Let's explore how you can reduce costs, and maximise returns in 2019:

featured - KES Kenya - tony & kids

Help Sharesight with a great investment : education

by Tony Ryburn | Dec 13th 2018

Executive Chairman & co-founder of Sharesight, Tony Ryburn, shares an update on KES, a school for disadvantaged children he's helping to build in Kenya.

ASX weed stocks

High returns - the market for marijuana

by David Olsen | Dec 12th 2018

With Canada recently becoming the second country to legalise recreational marijuana, we explore the world of cannabis and the share market.

small cap growth investor

Diary of a small cap growth investor

by Claude Walker | Dec 10th 2018

Claude Walker from Ethical Equities shares his experience as a small cap growth investor, and looks at his performance over the last two years.

what to look for when buying ETFs

What to look for when buying ETFs

by Steve Bull | Dec 9th 2018

Like most things in life, not all ETFs are created equal. Below Steve Bull from ETF Watch highlights 5 things investors should look out for when buying ETFs.

5 paths to investment diversification

Five paths to investment diversification

by Doug Morris | Dec 7th 2018

Ensuring that you are adequately diversified helps you ride out the ups and downs of financial markets by spreading your money across different investments.

Sharesight SMSF

Issues that could make or break SMSFs in 2019

by Prashant Mohan | Dec 5th 2018

2019 is going to be a challenging year with several headwinds for SMSFs - according to the speakers at the SMSF association's end of year lunch.


Do demergers & spin-offs create value for shareholders?

by Prashant Mohan | Dec 4th 2018

Do demergers and spin-offs always create value for shareholders? As with everything in life, it depends and needs to be looked at closely.

Sharesight RBC direct investing

Import RBC Direct Investing trades into Sharesight

by David Olsen | Dec 3rd 2018

RBC Direct Investing clients can now import their trading history directly into Sharesight with our broker import wizard.

Top 20 trades on the ASX November 2018

Sharesight20 top 20 trades on ASX & NZX - November 2018

by David Olsen | Nov 28th 2018

We look at the top 20 trades on both the ASX and NZX markets among the Sharesight userbase during November and dive into the news behind the movements.

Australian tax office big data investing

The Australian Tax Office, big data, and you

by Doug Morris | Nov 27th 2018

If you’re doing something as common as share investing, it pays to be organised with Sharesight and stay out of the crosshairs of the ATO’s big data program.