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Announcing a new Sharesight partner: EBROKING

by Doug Morris | Feb 11th 2015

EBROKING clients now have a one-click option to send their trade details to Sharesight – giving them a 360 degree view of their SMSF performance.

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Benchmarking now live on Sharesight

by Doug Morris | Jan 27th 2015

Our new benchmarking feature lets you track your Sharesight portfolio(s) against popular market indexes or specific securities.

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Watch the Self-Directed Investor Fintech Expo

by Angela Thompson | Jan 20th 2015

If you missed the Self-Directed Investor Fintech Expo hosted by AWI Ventures & ASX back in November, you can check out the videos from the day.

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More choice for investors (our feature in the ASX newsletter)

by Doug Morris | Jan 19th 2015

Sharesight Executive Director Andrew Bird on how technology is coming to the rescue for investors looking for choice (Source: December ASX newsletter).

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Join us at the Xero Roadshow, February 2015

by Angela Thompson | Jan 16th 2015

Join us at the 2015 Xero Roadshow taking place throughout Australia in February, and see our beautiful Sharesight + Xero integration first-hand.

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A tale of three Aussie funds

by Doug Morris | Jan 14th 2015

Aussie managed funds often contain the same shares as the index. So why would investors continue to pay expensive management fees?

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The Sharesight Story

by Tony Ryburn | Jan 12th 2015

Watch our short video and learn the story behind Sharesight, the portfolio management system built by investors, for investors.

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We are now a Silver Xero Partner & Certified Advisor!

by Angela Thompson | Jan 8th 2015

Our Silver Xero Partner & Certified Advisor status demonstrates our commitment to building the most comprehensive portfolio admin & performance tracking tool.

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2014: year in review

by Angela Thompson | Dec 19th 2014

We thought we'd take the time to highlight Sharesight's significant accomplishments in 2014 - and what a year it's been!

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AWI & ASX Fintech Expo - Roundup

by Doug Morris | Dec 2nd 2014

Last week we were given a chance to speak and host a stand at the Self-Directed Investor Fintech Expo, hosted by AWI and ASX - here's our roundup of the event.

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How do I attach a file in Sharesight?

by Angela Thompson | Nov 21st 2014

Learn how to attach a file in Sharesight, and store files at the holding or trade level within your Sharesight portfolios.

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Login to Sharesight with Google

by Doug Morris | Nov 19th 2014

You can now login (or sign up) to Sharesight using your Google account details. It's a convenient and secure method of accessing your portfolio data.