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featured - KES Kenya - tony & kids

Sharesight co-founder’s most rewarding investment

by Tony Ryburn | Dec 19th 2016

Executive Chairman and co-founder of Sharesight writes about KES - the side project that has been one of the most rewarding experiences of his life.

featured - hot air balloons

2017 stock picking competition

by Doug Morris | Dec 16th 2016

We’re running a stock picking competition with Livewire and we need your pick of the ASX-listed stock that you think will be the top performer in 2017.

featured - broken chain

A broken chain of investment providers

by Doug Morris | Dec 15th 2016

A heavy administrative burden falls on investors with crucial information spread across brokers, registrars, investment platforms, wraps and even spreadsheets.

featured - macrovue + sharesight

Announcing a new partner — Macrovue

by Doug Morris | Dec 12th 2016

Macrovue has partnered with Sharesight to offer their clients enhanced performance and tax reporting - this is another example of Sharesight as a platform.

featured - laptop + pencils

Beat the tax time rush — or at least prepare for it

by Josh Rodrigues | Nov 25th 2016

Strengthen client relationships and get a head-start on preparing your clients’ tax returns, before they even make an appointment to see you.

featured - six park + sharesight

Announcing a new partner — Six Park

by Doug Morris | Nov 25th 2016

Six Park has chosen Sharesight to power their globally diversified, professionally managed portfolio service by leveraging our award-winning investment reports.

Featured - Trustpower demerger

How to handle the Trustpower demerger

by Corporate Actions Desk | Nov 15th 2016

Follow our step-by-step instructions and learn how to handle the Trustpower demerger in your Australian or New Zealand based investment portfolios.

Laptop & Calculator - featured

How much money can Sharesight save you?

by Doug Morris | Oct 26th 2016

Find out how Sharesight can save you over 59% on admin-related investing costs, compared to attempting to track everything in a spreadsheet.

Featured - FinTech Australia

Sharesight founding member of FinTech Australia

by Doug Morris | Oct 13th 2016

We've joined forces with FinTech Australia, with the aim of making Australia the leading market for financial technology innovation in Asia.

Featured - 2016 Telstra Buy Back

How to handle the 2016 Telstra buy back

by Corporate Actions Desk | Oct 11th 2016

Follow our step-by-step instructions and learn how to handle the 2016 Telstra buy back corporate action in your Sharesight portfolio.

Money Magnet - featured

Don’t pay for your investment data

by Doug Morris | Sep 29th 2016

Some share registries charge for access to your investment data. But thanks to technology like Sharesight, investors now have better choices.

Simply Wall St. + Sharesight - featured

Visualise your portfolio with Sharesight and Simply Wall St

by Doug Morris | Sep 27th 2016

Simply Wall St customers can import their Sharesight portfolios in just a few clicks, allowing them to easily visualise their share holdings.