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Doug & Scott - featured

Congratulations to Doug and Scott, Sharesight CEO & CTO

by Tony Ryburn | May 28th 2015

We're delighted to announce that Doug Morris has been promoted to Sharesight CEO, and co-founder Scott Ryburn is now CTO.

Budget 2015 - featured

Our take on the budget

by Doug Morris | May 28th 2015

The recently released Australian Budget was a win for small business and we think tech companies should be cautiously optimistic.

Date Range Selector (featured)
Product features

Introducing better date range selectors

by Doug Morris | May 19th 2015

Small details can make all the difference. We think you'll agree when you see our new and improved date range selectors.

Fitbit - Featured
Investing tips | News

Working on your core: Can specialist products survive?

by Doug Morris | May 15th 2015

In our latest thought leadership peice, we share our thoughts on specialist products Fitbit and GoPro, and how their fates could be quite different.

multiple contract notes - featured
Product features

Introducing multiple contract note processing

by Doug Morris | May 13th 2015

Sharesight now supports bulk processing of multiple contract note/trade confirmation emails, making stock tracking and portfolio admin that much easier!

Sharesight Hero - featured (1200x630)
Product features

Introducing enhanced staff sharing permissions for Sharesight's professional plan partners

by Doug Morris | May 8th 2015

The Staff Sharing Permissions feature now allows Sharesight clients the ability to control whether staff have access to: all, some, or no portfolios.

Xerocon Auckland Lulu & Vanessa - featured

Xerocon Auckland 2015 wrap-up

by Angela Thompson | May 8th 2015

With over 1,000 accounting industry pros in attendance, Xerocon Auckland was the place to be for anyone interested in the future of cloud accounting.

Doug Morris - Fintech Hubs - featured

Why start-ups should be wary of bank-led fintech hubs

by Angela Thompson | May 1st 2015

Emerging fintech companies should approach bank-led fintech hubs and incubators with caution after concerning comments from a key backer of Stone & Chalk.

mFund Roadshow - featured

Save the date: mFund Roadshow

by Angela Thompson | Apr 28th 2015

Details are still pending, but we wanted to give you a heads-up on ASX's upcoming mFund roadshow, taking place in June-July 2015.

Australia Coat of Arms - featured

Thoughts on the Senate Inquiry

by Doug Morris | Apr 23rd 2015

Like many of you, we've been keeping an eye on the Senate Inquiry in Canberra into problems facing the financial planning arms of Macquarie, ANZ, NAB, and CBA.

Sharesight + Xero - Featured
Product features | News

Manage your SMSF with Sharesight + Xero

by Doug Morris | Apr 22nd 2015

Learn how to leverage our award-winning integration to manage your self managed super fund (SMSF) using Sharesight & Xero

Email Subscription - featured

Subscribe to our updates

by Angela Thompson | Apr 20th 2015

In order to receive up-to-the-minute Sharesight updates to your inbox, simply visit our blog, click on the "Subscribe" button and follow the prompts.