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Sharesight + Xero - Featured

Sharesight’s beautiful Xero integration

by Doug Morris | Nov 18th 2013

Send your buys, sells, and dividends data to Xero, and view your cash balances within your Sharesight investment portfolios.

Sharesight + Xero - Featured

Handling cash investments with Sharesight

by Doug Morris | Sep 10th 2013

Follow our detailed step-by-step instructions and learn how easy it is to track cash investments with Sharesight, and the Xero accounting software.

Sharesight Hero - featured (1200x630)

New Navigation Menu

by Scott Ryburn | May 9th 2013

We've launched a new and improved navigation menu that makes it much quicker and easier for you to navigate around your Sharesight investment portfolio(s).

Featured - Dividend Franking

Dividend franking & performance

by Andrew Bird | May 3rd 2013

Learn about dividend franking, including how Sharesight automatically tracks it for you, and how it impacts your portfolio performance returns.

Sharesight Hero - featured (1200x630)

Record your share trades automatically!

by Scott Ryburn | Apr 17th 2013

Data entry, what's that? Learn how to record your share trades automatically with Sharesight, your share portfolio tracker.

Sharesight Hero - featured (1200x630)

Product update - notes, file attachments, PDF reports

by Scott Ryburn | Apr 26th 2012

Learn about our latest product update, including notes about the shareholding, file attachments, and the ability to download PDF reports.

Sharesight Hero - featured (1200x630)

Maintaining your share portfolio just got a whole lot easier

by Tony Ryburn | Dec 8th 2011

Automating the recording of your buy and sell trades into your Sharesight portfolio means maintaining your share portfolio just got a whole lot easier.

Sharesight Hero - featured (1200x630)

Sharesight - now your FREE Online Portfolio Manager

by Scott Ryburn | Dec 5th 2011

Sharesight is now your FREE Online Portfolio Manager - meaning investors may now track up to 10 holdings for FREE for life!

Sharesight Hero - featured (1200x630)

How Sharesight operates in the Cloud

by Tony Ryburn | Oct 17th 2011

Sharesight co-founder Tony Ryburn explains how Sharesight operates in the Cloud, specifically in terms of hosting and platform security.

Sharesight Hero - featured (1200x630)

Is Sharesight in Cloud cuckoo land?

by Tony Ryburn | Sep 29th 2011

We are all down-to-earth characters here at Sharesight and not in cloud cuckoo land but we are definitely "In the Cloud".

Sharesight Hero - featured (1200x630)

Sharesight server upgrade & outage notice

by Marcus Baguley | Aug 24th 2011

Sharesight will be offline for approximately 2 - 3 hours while we upgrade our servers. The expected outage will commence at 7.30am NZT on the 25 August 2011.

Sharesight Hero - featured (1200x630)

Importing your portfolio just got easier

by Scott Ryburn | Aug 10th 2011

We've improved our file importer to make it compatible with a much broader range of spreadsheet files - making portfolio importing that much easier.