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New! Categorise your shares

by Scott Ryburn | Apr 7th 2011

Learn how to label and categorise your shares within Sharesight's cloud-based share portfolio tracking & reporting system.

Diversity Report 2011 - featured

Diversity report now available!

by Scott Ryburn | Feb 23rd 2011

A diversity report is now available on the Sharesight - allowing you to view your investments by industry , investment type, market, and country.

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International shares + manual entry now available!

by Scott Ryburn | Sep 10th 2010

Sharesight now supports international shares and investors may now manually enter investments that Sharesight does not cover (unlisted shares, etc).

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Report improvements

by Scott Ryburn | Jul 21st 2010

The latest Sharesight update includes some report improvements to both the Performance Report and the Sold Shares Report.

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Dividend reinvestments

by Scott Ryburn | Feb 17th 2010

We have added a dividend reinvestment function to simplify the process of recording dividend reinvestments in your Sharesight share portfolio tracker.

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Excel exports now available

by Scott Ryburn | Jan 27th 2010

Excel exports are now available under the Sharesight reports menu – look for the new Excel icon in the top right corner of the reports.

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Calculating share returns

by Tony Ryburn | Aug 6th 2008

Learn why calculating share returns is easy with Sharesight - your free cloud-based share portfolio tracking & reporting system.

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Performance Report

by Scott Ryburn | Jul 8th 2008

Our new Performance Report allows you to select both a start and end date so that you can view the performance of your portfolio over any date range.

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FIF report now available!

by Scott Ryburn | Jun 16th 2008

Calculate your 2008 IRD FIF income with our comprehensive FIF report which automatically calculates your peak holding balance & FIF income.

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How much will you get from the 2008 Budget tax cuts?

by Scott Ryburn | May 23rd 2008

Wondering how much will you get from the 2008 Budget tax cuts? Sign-up for a FREE Sharesight portfolio tracking account and find out for yourself!

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DIY custodial alternative with a lot of other features as well

by Tony Ryburn | Mar 25th 2008

Sharesight co-founder Tony Ryburn explains why Sharesight is the custodial system you have when you don't have a custodial system.

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Price alerts & weekly portfolio performance emails

by Marcus Baguley | Dec 21st 2007

As you have requested, we've added Price Alerts & Weekly portfolio performance emails to your Sharesight share portfolio subscription.