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Sharesight release notes - August 2019

by Scott Ryburn, CTO, Sharesight | Sep 4th 2019

August saw the release of three important improvements in our continuous quest to automate the recording of dividends and fund distributions as accurately as possible:

Release Notes August 2019

Sharesight release highlights for August 2019:

  • We have updated ETF distribution information available for the FY19 Australian tax year for all iShares (BlackRock), Russell Investments, ETF Securities and Vanguard ETFs from Sharesight partner Computershare. This means that for the majority of ETFs in Australia, users will not need to manually update their ETF distribution components from their AMMA statement using Sharesight’s pro-rata form to add this information to their portfolio.
  • We now allow you to override the foreign withholding tax rate individually against each foreign holding in your portfolio. You’ll find this under ‘holding settings’ on the holding page.
  • For Australian users, we now have more accurate exchange rate information available for foreign currency dividends paid by ASX listed instruments, so that your AUD totals exactly match your dividend statement.

Sharesight Usability

Broker Transaction Import

  • Added support for Evans & Partners International Trade Confirmation Emails.
  • Integration with Saxo Online Trading released as a beta feature.