Sharesight release notes - June 2019

by Scott Ryburn, CTO, Sharesight | Jul 5th 2019

June saw a continued focus on improving site performance with major improvements to the load speed of our charts, particularly the valuation chart. We didn’t quite manage a public release of our Interactive Brokers integration as anticipated but have now added support for multi account file structures and a range of other improvements to ensure the accuracy and reliability of this service.

As a reminder, users who want early access to features we’re developing like our Interactive Brokers Integration, should join the Sharesight Beta Program.

Sharesight Release Notes July 2019

Development release highlights for June 2019:


  • Improved portfolio overview chart load speed via backend enhancements and additional dedicated server infrastructure to handle charting.

  • Significant improvements to the date picker when manually entering (typing a date). The improved datepicker is currently available on the Performance Report, All Trades Report and Taxable Income Report. We will be rolling this out to all other reports in the near future.

Broker Import


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