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Sharesight release notes – August 2022

by Ben Clendon, Head of Product, Sharesight | Sep 7th 2022

In August the key priority was our UX and brand updates, with a particular focus on streamlining our onboarding experience.

Sharesight August release notes

UX / Usability improvements

  • Updated our Xero connection functionality to now retain the Xero account mappings, even if a Xero connection to a portfolio is temporarily broken, to avoid having to re-key this information
  • Introduced a modernised mobile-friendly account preferences page for Sharesight Pro customers
  • Revamped our signup and login pages to align with our brand moving forward
  • Introduced the first tranche of a revamped payouts table and form: Fixed interest investments in NZ portfolios
  • Introduced some UX styling tweaks to ensure smooth page transitions
  • Completed our new breadcrumb navigation by rolling out the breadcrumb to the Sharesight Pro plans, billing, trade confirmations, cash account and Connect API pages
  • Introduced a revamped ‘trade confirmation’ section on our broker tiles, streamlining the process for setting up auto-forwarding of trade confirmation emails
  • Revamped our generic CSV importer screen to simplify the steps required to import trade data.

New functionality / Enhancements

  • Introduced new ‘in this quarter’ and ‘last quarter’ period options on the overview on all relevant reports
  • Introduced a new cost base per share column into the all trades report XLSX and Google Drive downloads, relevant for opening balance and merge trades.

Broker import functionality

  • Added instructions to the Jarden Direct broker tile for connecting Jarden accounts to Sharesight
  • Expanded our support of Stake US trade files to include ASX listings
  • Introduced support for Qtrade trade confirmations
  • Expanded our trade confirmation support for Halo Technologies to include confirmations containing multiple trades
  • Revamped our Interactive Broker tile to simplify the steps required to import historical trades.