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Sharesight release notes - October 2021

by Scott Ryburn, CTO, Sharesight | Nov 9th 2021

In October our new Multi-Period Report went live for Expert plan and Pro users. We also shipped a major update to our Interactive Brokers (IB) integration for Sharesight Pro, allowing all Sharesight Pro users to self provision an IB integration to sync trading data across all client portfolios.

Sharesight Release Notes October 2021

Broker Import Functionality

  • Added support for Everblu Capital (Australia)
  • Added support for Peloton Capital (Australia)
  • Improved support for Hargreaves Lansdown to handle US Trades (UK)
  • Added support for Mac Equity Partners (Australia)
  • Added support for Merchant Group (Australia)
  • Added support for Cove Capital (Australia)
  • Added support for GBA Capital (Australia)
  • Added support for Finclear (Australia)

Sharesight API

  • V3 - Added an User ID attribute to the Portfolio List and Show endpoints to identify the Portfolio Owner, this allows API users to correctly identify shared portfolios