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Sync trades to Sharesight from Interactive Brokers

by David Olsen, Content Manager, Sharesight

Interactive Brokers clients worldwide can now automatically sync ongoing trades to their Sharesight portfolio simply by connecting their brokerage account using our new Interactive Brokers Integration.

Once synced, Sharesight automatically calculates your portfolio performance, and factors-in the impact that foreign exchange movements, dividends, and corporate actions have on your investment returns – giving you the complete picture of your investment portfolio (and tax).

This means you’ll spend less time on portfolio admin, and more time doing what really matters – investing.

Why Interactive Brokers?

Sharesight, sometimes called ‘the investors passport’, has always been built with the needs of international investors in mind. We make it easy for users in over 100 countries to get the full picture of their investments from almost 30 global markets in a single place. So why did we choose to build an integration with Interactive Brokers?

Not only has Interactive Brokers been rated Best Online Broker 2019 and a Top Online Broker for Nine Consecutive Years by Barron’s, but they share our view of the global investor, one not bound by geography – with the broker offering access to stocks, forex, fixed income, and ETFs in:

  • 125 Markets

  • 31 Countries

  • 24 Currencies

Tracking the portfolios of global investors like this is what Sharesight is built for, so this made our decision to integrate with Interactive Brokers an easy one.

Plus, just like the Sharesight’s partner ecosystem and API, Interactive Brokers makes it easy to join a growing marketplace of integrations that connect to and build upon their trading platform.

Why connect your Interactive Brokers account to Sharesight?

Not only will your Sharesight portfolio be automatically updated with every new trade with Interactive Brokers, you’ll have more time to make the most of Sharesight’s powerful features:

  1. Automatic price and dividend updates – Sharesight adjusts your holdings data with stock price & currency fluctuations and automatically incorporates corporate actions such as dividends and share splits into your portfolio.

  2. Understand your true performance – Tracking portfolio performance isn’t easy. Brokerage fees, capital gains, corporate actions and currency fluctuations all factor into your performance. Sharesight’s annualised calculation methodology provides data-driven insights to help you make better investment decisions going forward.

  3. Run your own tax reports – With all your portfolio data in one place, and powerful tax reports such as Taxable Income, Capital Gains Tax, Unrealised Gains and FIF, Sharesight provides everything you need to figure out your obligations at tax time – including the ability to securely share portfolio access directly with your accountant or financial advisor.

Connect your Interactive Brokers account to Sharesight

Connecting your Interactive Brokers account to Sharesight to sync ongoing transactions is easy. If you don’t already have a Sharesight account, you can get started by signing up for a free account.

Once signed up, you’ll need to request a custom username and password from Interactive Brokers to use with Sharesight so you don’t have to share your trading account login. Then you can connect your Interactive Brokers account within Sharesight using the Integrations tab.

Interactive Brokers Integration entry

Note: Read our Interactive Brokers Integration help page for specific details on how to request an integration login and connect your account to Sharesight.

Once you’ve connected your Interactive Brokers account to Sharesight with our integration, it should take about 24 hours to import your initial account data (you will have to backfill any historical trades not in the initial sync), with ongoing trades synced daily.

See the full picture with Sharesight

Now that you can automatically sync ongoing trades from your Interactive Brokers account directly to your Sharesight portfolio, what are you waiting for? Join investors around the world already using Sharesight to get the full picture of their international investments and sign up to Sharesight today.