Sharesight users' top trades in US, ASX and NZX stocks – December 2021

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Dec 22nd 2021

Welcome to the December 2021 edition of Sharesight’s monthly trading snapshot, where we look at the top buy and sell trades by Sharesight users over the month. This month we have combined the snapshots for US stocks (including the Nasdaq, NYSE and AMEX), the ASX and NZX, providing a short summary of the key events for each market. For a more detailed look at the market-moving news behind Sharesight users’ most-traded stocks in 2021, see our yearly trading snapshots for US stocks, the ASX and NZX.

Top 20 US stock trades December 2021

Top 20 NASDAQ + NYSE+AMEX month Dec21

In December’s US snapshot, trades were strongly led by Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), which saw its share price tumble throughout December, at one point causing CEO Elon Musk to lose an estimated US$245 billion. Trades were followed by Alibaba (NYSE: BABA), which announced a turnaround plan to address its plummeting share price; and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), which could soon become the first stock with a US$3 trillion market cap.

Top 20 ASX stock trades December 2021

Top20 ASX monthly dec21

In December’s ASX snapshot, buy trades were led by Vanguard’s Australian Shares Index (ASX: VAS) and MSCI Index International Shares (ASX: VGS) ETFs. Sell trades were led by Novonix (ASX: NVX), which saw its share price tumble 25% in December; followed by Fortescue Metals (ASX: FMG), which announced the resignation of chief executive Elizabeth Gaines.

Top 20 NZX stock trades December 2021

Top20 NZX monthly Dec21

In December’s NZX snapshot, trades were strongly led by the Smartshares US 500 (NZX: USF) and NZ Top 50 (NZX: FNZ) ETFs. As for individual stocks, trades were led by Ebos Group (NZX: EBO), which completed a NZ$674 million capital raising to acquire LifeHealthcare for NZ$1.3 billion; followed by Air New Zealand (NZX: AIR), which announced its intention to produce a zero emissions airplane.

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