Top 10 podcasts for investors worldwide

by David Olsen, Senior Marketing Manager — Content/SEO, Sharesight | Nov 11th 2019

Warren Buffett is definitely a believer in self-education. He reads for five or six hours per day, which allows him to keep on top of business and finance news, discover new ideas and hone his critical thinking skills.

While reading is wonderful, there’s an even more efficient way to consume knowledge – podcasting. Unless you’re a speed-reader, you listen faster than you read, which is why podcasts allow you to learn faster than books. They’re also more flexible, because you can listen to podcasts everywhere you can read books – as well as when you’re exercising at the gym, commuting to work or doing household chores.

So here are 10 podcasts for investors to subscribe to, no matter where in the world you are.

top podcasts for investors worldwide

Top Australian investing podcasts

Motley Fool Money

Motley Fool Money is an intelligent podcast that prides itself on telling it like it is. Scott Phillips and Anirban Mahanti analyse Australian and American stocks, discuss investing strategies and answer listeners’ questions. There’s a lot of helpful advice, with a lot of banter in between. Both men have skin in the game – they’re professional investors who run funds for The Motley Fool Australia.

The Australian Investors Podcast

Host Owen Raszkiewicz interviews a different investing professional each episode in the The Australian Investors Podcast. Noteworthy guests have included Hamish Douglass from Magellan Financial Group, Tony Hansen from EGP Capital, Charlie Aitken from Aitken Investment Management and Pete Wargent from AllenWargent. Together, they explore investing principles, cognitive biases, money management and more.

Your Wealth

Your Wealth delves into the ASX, individual stocks and investment trends. But this podcast also takes a broader look at investing and economics, including property, bonds, SMSFs, superannuation, international trade and currency movements. Your Wealth is a good resource for investors who take a keen interest in Australian equities but who also want to stay on top of finance in general.

Top American investing podcasts

We Study Billionaires

Who’s got time for mere multi-millionaires when there are billionaires to be interviewed and analysed? We Study Billionaires takes the microscope to legends like Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Howard Marks, Mark Zuckerberg, Ray Dalio, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Cuban and more. The podcast teaches you lessons you can apply both in your investing life and your day-to-day life.


InvestTalk is the perfect show for anyone who wants their daily fix of business and finance news so they can follow the market in real time. Hosted by financial adviser Steve Peasley, InvestTalk keeps an eye on individual stocks and IPOs, while also looking at economic trends, Fed decisions, tax policy, jobs numbers, property prices, economic data, commodities, cryptocurrencies and the global economy.

Investing Insights

Hosted by research group Morningstar, the Investing Insights weekly podcast takes a deep dive into American equities, from large caps and small caps to dividend stocks and ETFs. InvestTalk will help you decide which stocks, sectors and trends you should invest in – and which you should avoid. InvestTalk also features interviews with industry experts to help you make sense of the latest business and finance news.

Top Canadian investing podcasts

Build Wealth Canada

Build Wealth Canada is a monthly podcast that delivers a main course of stock market investing along with side orders of property investing and retirement saving. Host Kornel Szrejber interviews a different expert on each program, which helps keep the show fresh. This podcast will teach you how to build wealth, eliminate debt and generate passive income.

Mo’ Money Podcast

Financial counsellor Jessica Moorhouse takes an in-depth look at investing and personal finance in the Mo’ Money Podcast. This weekly podcast covers everything from leveraging, index funds, impact investing and retirement planning to student debt, side hustles, credit card rewards and the FIRE movement. Mo’ Money is classic edutainment – educational content delivered in an entertaining package.

Top New Zealand investing podcasts

NZ Everyday Investor

Want to learn more about the NZX, Kiwi stocks and New Zealand investment trends? NZ Everyday Investor is a smart podcast that will help you make sense of the local market. Host Darcy Ungaro talks to a different guest each week, including fund managers, bank bosses, senior economists and financial advisers. Episode by episode, you’ll become a smarter investor and make better decisions with your money.

Stock Market Movers

Stock Market Movers is popular with New Zealanders who want to keep abreast of all the news that affects the NZX. This weekly podcast runs the rule over public Kiwi companies like Fonterra, Kathmandu, Xero, Briscoe’s, Pushpay, Z Energy, Plexure, Hallensteins, Synlait Milk and Freightways. It also scrutinises offshore stocks you’re thinking about buying, whether in Australia or around the world.

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