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TSX-60 sector and stock performance 2013-2018

by Raghav Singh, Sharesight | Jan 15th 2019

Since investors using Sharesight typically tend to lean towards a ‘buy and hold’ investing philosophy, it’s important to look at returns over longer periods. In this post, we’re examining the returns of stocks in Canada’s TSX-60 (TSE-60) index and the corresponding returns for each sector and key stocks in each sector of the index in order to look for underlying trends over the last 5 years (2013-2018).

Sharesight performance calculation methodology

Sharesight calculates annualised returns that include dividends - we do this using a dollar weighted return calculation method when there are multiple buy/sell trades within a measurement period. For this exercise we "purchased" a single parcel of each stock on 1 Jan 2013 and used Sharesight’s performance report to calculate the annualised return including dividends (total annualised return) through to 31 December 2018. In this post we've used Sharesight's compounded annual return to calculate these annualised returns.

TSX-60 performance 2013-2018

TSX-60 Performance

Using the iShares S&P/TSX 60 Index ETF as a proxy to capture the dividend and capital gain performance of the TSX-60 index in Sharesight (read our rationale for benchmarking your portfolio against ETFs), we find an extremely strong performance for the index through to August 2014 before falling away, underpinning the importance of understanding the impact of holding periods in your investment performance.

Over the 5 years from 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2018, TSX:XUI recorded a 6.81% total annual return, with 3.37% of that return coming from dividends.

Performance of each sector in the TSX-60

Sharesight uses the FactSet Revere Business Industry Classification System to classify companies by industry and sector (when looking at a holding in Sharesight, this information is available in the ‘instrument detail’ section).

Sharesight instrument detail

We used this sector break down to split out the performance by sector within the TSX-60 over the 2013-2018 period. Here’s that performance by sector -- simply click on a sector for more info:

TSX-60 performance by sector 2013-2018

TSX-60 Compounding

  1. Commercial services: 27.04%
  2. Communication: 9.43%
  3. Consumer Non-Durables: 12.69%
  4. Consumer services: 10.52%
  5. Electronic technology: -5.85%
  6. Energy minerals: -4.69%
  7. Finance: 10.17%
  8. Health technology: -13.60%
  9. Industrial services: 12.30%
  10. Non-energy minerals: 22.18%
  11. Process industries: -20.19%
  12. Producer manufacturing: 18.54%
  13. Retail Trade: 16.90%
  14. Technology services: 30.16%
  15. Transportation: 16.21%
  16. Utilities: 7.92%

NOTE: All return figures per annum total return including dividends

1. Commercial services: 51.04%

TSX commercial services performance

CCL.B CCL Industries Inc: 84.39%

TRI Thomson Reuters Corp: 17.70%

2. Communication: 11.95%

RCI.B - Rogers Communication Inc: 13.30%

T - Telus Corp: 11.86%

BCE - Bell Canada Enterprises Inc: Total return 10.68%

3. Consumer Non-Durables: 17.46%

GIL - Gildan Activewear Inc: 23.43%

  • Dec 5 2018: Gildan Activewear shares increased 10.2% because the company benefited from a significant increase in demand for activewear
  • Mar 23 2015: Gildan Activewear performed a 1:2 share split

SAP - Saputo Inc: 11.49%

4. Consumer services: 12.99%

QSR - Restaurants Brand International Inc: 22.80%

SJR.B - Shaw Communication Inc: 6.34%

5. Electronic technology: -5.06%

TSX electronic technology performance

BB - Blackberry limited: -3.01%

BBD.B - Bombardier Inc: -7.11%

6. Energy minerals: -4.17%

SU - Suncor Energy Inc: 6.21%

CNQ - Canadian Natural Resources ltd: 5.86%

IMO - Imperial Oil ltd: -1.62%

7. Finance: 13.13%

BAM.A - Brookfield Asset Management Inc: 21.78%

SLF - Sun life Financial Inc: 18.06%

TD - Toronto-Dominion Bank: 15.26%

  • Feb 3 2014: TD Bank performed a 1:2 share split
  • Jul 12 2017: TD donated $50,000 for red cross for disaster relief in British Columbia News Source

8. Health technology: -9.73%

BHC - Bausch Health Companies Inc: -9.73%

9. Industrial services: 16.77%

WCN - Waste Connection Inc: 69.85%

  • Jul 19 2017: Waste Connection performed a 2:3 share split

PPL - Pembina Pipeline Corp: 13.70%

TRP - TransCanada Corp: Total return 5.35%

10. Non-energy minerals: 38.78%

TECK.B - Teck Resources Ltd: Total return 372.07%

11. Process industries: -12.36%

NTR - Nutrien ltd: -12.36% p.a.

12. Producer manufacturing: 29.58%

TSX manufacturing performance

MG - Magna International Inc: 29.58%

13. Retail Trade: 25.87%

ATD.B - Alimentation Couche Tard Inc: 54.32%

DOL - Dollarama Inc: 39.65%

MRU - Metro Inc: 23.18%

  • Oct 11 2017: Metro entered into an agreement to sell majority of its holdings in alimentation Couche-Tard
  • Oct 11 2017: Metro announced it would eliminate 280 jobs as a part of Ontario distribution network overhaul

14. Technology services: 63.66%

TSX Technology performance

CSU - Constellation Software Inc: 108.80%

GIB.A - CGI Group Inc: 44%

OTEX - Open Text Corp: 40.40%

15. Transportation: 24.38%

CNR - Canadian National Railway Co: 23.63%

16. Utilities: 9.53%

FTS - Fortis Inc: 9.78%

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